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Monday, November 12, 2007

November 7th...

... did you know where Rose was?

I was in your aquariums, petting your stingrays.

The proclamations for my birthday were:
To got to the Aquarium of the Americas
To eat Indian food at Nirvana (both located in New Orleans)

I demanded and I received.

The day started off with some traipsing around the aquarium, heading over to the Riverwalk, trekking to the now-extinct Virgin MegaStore, knoshing on beignets, freaking out over prices in Saks Fifth Avenue (40% off $675 is still a lot), chowing down at Nirvana, watching the Asylum Street Spankers and ending the night nearly running off the road due to exhaustion.

Seeing the jellyfish and petting the stingrays were certainly the high point of the day. As well as eating some yummy ginger chicken. I had been craving some Indian food since coming back from London.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of shops in the Riverwalk; it was kinda depressing. And (at least to me) New Orleans seemed a bit empty without the Virgin MegaStore/Tower Records combo. Especially with the buildings just sitting there like silent, empty sentinels. Thankfully, Cafe du Monde survived and I satiated some of my depression with beignets.

Does anyone else clean off their hands with the little cups of water they give you? I do. :)