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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me, I play Rose

My heart has been pretty light as of late and there are many things to thank for it.
But for now, I thank Brigitte Bardot for Moi je joue. I believe her light and happy song, especially the lyrics, pretty much sums up how I currently feel.

Lyric credits go to http://lyricstranslate.com

Moi je joue

Moi je joue
Moi je joue a joue contre joue
Je veux jouer a joue contre vous
Mais vous, le voulez-vous?
De tout coeur
Je veux gagner ce coeur a coeur
Vous connaissez mon jeu par coeur
Alors defendez-vous
Sans tricher, je vous le promets
J'ai gagne, tant pis c'est bien fait
Vous etes mon jouet
A present, ce ne sera plus vous mais toi
Et tu feras ca t'apprendra
N'importe quoi pour moi
Sans m'en faire, je vais t'assurer
Un enfer de griffes et de crocs
Tu crieras bientot "Au secours"
Alors decidant de ton sort
Pour m'eviter quelques remords
Je t'aimerai plus fort
Oh oui plus fort
Oh oui oui oui, plus fort
Oh la la...

Me I play

Me I play ,
Me I play cheek-to-cheek
I want to play taking aim at you
But you , do you want it ?
From all my heart
I want to win at this heart-to-heart
You know my game by heart
So defend yourself
Without cheating , I swear it to you
I won , too bad , you were asking for it
Sir , you are my toy
Now , it's no longer " Sir " but just " you "
& You will do , you were asking for it
Anything for me
Without worrying , I will assure you
A hell made of claws & fangs
You will soon yell " Help "
So , picking your lot
In order to avoid some remorses
I will love you even more
Ow yes , even more
Ow yes yes yes , even more
Oh la la ..

What to wear: 28 June 2010

Merino wool soft cowl neck tee, $70
Stone cotton pintuck blazer, 32 GBP
Precis Petite Straight Leg Linen Trousers, Stone, 18, 29 GBP
Chantelle Icone T-Shirt bra, $88
Chantelle Icone Shorty, $58
RACHAEL by Camper - Sandal in soft flesh-toned leather with buckle,...
Ruche Top Soft Bag, $70
RK by Ranjana Khan Metallic Dome Ribbon Necklace at HSN.com, $230
kate spade 'garden party' floral link bracelet, $103
Chandelier Earrings with Colored Stones, $18
Spike Stud Earrings, $68
Spike Rhinestone Ring: Rose Gold, $68
Nakamol Oval Beaded Ring, $16
Montauk Pearl Ring, $50
Plastic Bow Ring, $10
Chanel - No.5 Bath Soap 150g, $33
Dachshund MyPetLamp - Soft White-Offi [OF-MEGDAS-W] - $69.00:..., $69
Amazon.com: Womens Black Hand Cable Knitted Short Soft Trendy Visor..., $30
Soft 4 Strand Braid Headwraps, $4.99

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just a sweet little fruitcake

While summer's place as my favorite season has been usurped by fall, it still holds a special place in my heart with its vacays, long days and, of course, its fruit!

The thought of attending cookouts and picnics in floaty dresses, sitting around crisp red and white gingham, glasses of wine, finger foods and gentle breezes fills my heart with sweetness and light.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wish box - personal trainer

For my wish box, I would like to add an entry for a personal trainer in my future.
Not that I necessarily believe that I require constant exercise or anything of that nature. I would just like someone to come around now and then and make sure that I'm taking care of myself physically as well as mentally.

I don't require anything special; no need for specific classes in yoga, pilates, belly dancing or weights. Just a little something to keep fit throughout.
I find that I work better (as most people do) when I have someone alongside me: cheering me on, pushing me toward my goal and giving me advice and feedback. Hell, that relates to everything, not just exercise!

However, the selection is key.
I have to mesh well with someone.
I need someone who can understand me and can talk, react and predict on the same level.
Someone who I can easily go to for advice and not feel stupid about my questions.


Oh... oh, my.
Hello....  D.. did it just get warm in here?!
I have to go sit down before I pass out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Smiling Sundays: The rumors of my demise....

.... are greatly exaggerated.
-- Mark Twain (as mangled my me)

After disappointments, stalkers, creepers, sweethearts, losing my heart in California and finally deciding what my next step will be, I'm glad to return to my little blog from my wild sabbatical and continue mapping out the misadventures of my life.

Smiles for today are brought to you in part by: pastel and cotton candy summers!

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