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Friday, December 25, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

...is but a few knick-knacks and kitchy cuties:

A flask. And not just any flask; a badass flask.

Not like I need more pets... but seriously, think of the damage/cuteness I could do with one of these.
I'd prefer one of the SCP-2558-J-EX variations.
(click the link and you'll understand)

A new Marble Hornets entry. Spookie Rose likes spooky things for holidays.

World peace, happiness and all that jazz.

Dinner with Hugh Laurie. Mr. Laurie, call me anytime. *wink wink*

To hang out with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. I bet it would be an awesome and hilarious time.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

For Wikipedia to hang around forever. So, I donated.

An honorary knighthood, to be made a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

A free trip to Barcelona, to visit the Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi works.

More Steve Madden shoes. Many, many more.

And, of course, happiness and good food for my readers.
Just a few trifles for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fudgy goodness

I have completed my training at a neighboring branch in town, tomorrow will be my last day before I am unleashed upon the unsuspecting public.
To thank my mentoring branch, I am baking them Thank you brownies. This brownies are not much different from regular brownies... I just added cinnamon and agave nectar to them. Hopefully, I didn't add too much!

Those that follow my Twitter will see that I have bought a domain and have started on a personal portfolio web site.
I'm learning this as I go along, which means lots of blank stares and hair pulling. Thankfully, I bought the domain through Google, so there's support and help aplenty.
After I've populated the page with more art, I'll post the link so that you may enjoy.

And according to the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator, my Jersey Shore name is R-Pow.

Overall, things are looking up: gainful employment, new pet fish named Gregory, brownies, good friends, tasty holiday food and festivities shared with cats and family and tons of free episodes of House. Even the painful memories are no longer so fresh.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quarters 1, Rose 0

Got bored and made a quiz. Check it out on my facebook profile.

Enjoying the new job immensely, learning new things daily.... some of which I would rather not know.
Like how a box full of quarters can outsmart me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Playing around with celeb look-a-like programs gave me this:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jellies and nerdness

While watching an episode of CSI Miami entitled 'Kill Clause,' everyone makes reference to a tank filled with box jellyfish, certain species of which are "known amoungst the most venomous creatures of in the world" according to Wikipedia.

However, I was distracted from the action because the tank contained not box jellyfish, but moon jellyfish, a jelly which I find to be sweet natured. I realize this makes me a supernerd.

The two have very different demeanors and don't look that much alike.

Box Jellyfish via The StashBox

Moon Jellies via Saatchi Gallery

I've swam through a tide of moon jellies with nary a sting.
However, box jellyfish will kill the F out of you.

With a twist of Paris

Apparently, I did bang myself up a little bit during my fall last night. I woke up feeling sore and with a few minor bruises. But it was all in the name of science!
And by science, I mean snow.
Here's some photos:

I'm also adoring Forever 21's new limited Tres Paris line. I'm drooling over much of the knitted, embellished and detailed apparel.
Sadly, Forever 21 isn't offering this line in extra large, so I'm hesitant in ordering anything.

Well.... hesitant in ordering anything but this:

I can't help it, I must have this skirt!

Actually, I will listen to reason. Forever 21's measurements for large are 30/40 at their widest.
My measurements are 38/45. Yeah... I don't really see myself fitting into their sizes anytime soon. Sob!


Went outside to check on the snow and promptly fell down the stairs. 
Luckily, I fell butt first and nothing of value was lost... or broken.

Well, perhaps my pride and dignity. 
But I don't think anyone else saw.

I'll post pictures in the morning as I'm currently too lazy and my down comforter is calling my name.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A job well done

A whole month of posting and all I got was this picture... and a sense of satisfaction I suppose.