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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jellies and nerdness

While watching an episode of CSI Miami entitled 'Kill Clause,' everyone makes reference to a tank filled with box jellyfish, certain species of which are "known amoungst the most venomous creatures of in the world" according to Wikipedia.

However, I was distracted from the action because the tank contained not box jellyfish, but moon jellyfish, a jelly which I find to be sweet natured. I realize this makes me a supernerd.

The two have very different demeanors and don't look that much alike.

Box Jellyfish via The StashBox

Moon Jellies via Saatchi Gallery

I've swam through a tide of moon jellies with nary a sting.
However, box jellyfish will kill the F out of you.

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EP said...

It is truly crazy how different those two jellies can be.

Remember when we watched that TV show on them?