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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everybody loves a crazy girl...

... at least I hope so. Then there's hope for me yet.

So, it's been proven: Blackberry usage has increased surgery on thumbs.

Pure craziness.

I don't have a BlackBerry and I'm not sure I even want one. They're kinda cute and someone's likened them to portable laptops. O.o
Yeah, I know. Laptops are supposed to be portable. But truly, you can't cram a laptop in your pocket, but you can a BlackBerry.

But I digress, I think....

I enjoy technology. It entertains me, I thrive on it; but it also confuses me (not hard to do) and frustrates me.

I love emails. You've got friend in Europe and you live in the States? Phone bill's a bit high? Emails are the answer!

However, I'm not a big fan of texting. To be honest, I didn't make my first text until my junior year of university. I admit that they're convenient. You're on the other side of campus, there's a dinner party tonight and you want to invite a friend whose schedule is completely different from yours, so that you don't have a chance to see them until right before the party. Text them for a quick invite and answer.

Or, your bored at work and your friend texts you a joke, similar funny thing or a teeny ting chat that brightens your day.

Perfect, that usage of texting is fine.

However, ::insert dramatic music here:: I can't stand people having full conversations through text. It's pointless! It's a communication breakdown! Whatever happened to just talking to a person?

Look, if you want to carry a conversation with me, call me.

Besides, my brain does this thing were it inserts random things into what I'm reading and the context of the written conversation completely changes. I've gotten plenty of strange looks from this.

Quick little updates: I've added a link to a blog I frequent. I should really bulk up my linkie area. I'm just afraid of the monster I'd create. I'm also periodically reading over and adding to a few older posts that I thought needed some bulking up. (What's the the bulking?) I grew tired of limiting myself; worrying that "Oh noes! Someone might actually read this and get offended! Or worse, tell me I'm boring!"

Well, I'm currently over that. It's my blog. I'm going to do what I please.

Please don't hate me. (I'm ridiculous....)

Don't worry, this will still be worksafe..... mostly.

Still learning French: It's a slow process and I don't plan on getting really proficient with it. Just enough so that I can amuse myself and add even more pride to my extremely mixed heritage (more on that later.)

What am I currently doing? What I do best! Looking at pictures; this time it's pictures of pastries. Yum!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My illegalities....

... let me show you them.

So, we were talking about various illegal, immoral and similar things. The questions I agreed with were: have you ever snuck into a movie? and have you walked out on a meal ticket?

I was a bit young, not old enough to watch a 'R' rated movie, I thought I was smarter than the average.... uh, ticket taker. So, I bought a ticket for random PG movie and then nonchalantly walked into aforementioned 'R' rated movie.
The second time, some friends and I wanted to watch something fun and ridiculous. So, we got tickets for 'Ghost Ship.'

I'll pause here for uncontrollable pitying laughter.

After 10 minutes, the pure idiocy of this movie got to me and I walked out..... and in to 'Punch Drunk Love.'

Ok, so..... not really illegal.... but, I thought so at the time.

So, the service was bad, they only bought out one of the five meals ordered and we had been awaiting nearly an hour. Don't get me wrong, I've worked in food before. I understand, there are reasons and excuses like: it's busy, there's no food, I'm the only one here.

But none of these things were going on. It wasn't busy, there was food, she wasn't the only wait staff there. You could see the cooks leaning around, eating, talking. One of the other wait staff was practically feeling up her boyfriend, who had come in to see her.

There were no excuses other than this: trashy trash was leaving Rose hungry. There's no excuse for that. Everyone else got up to leave, so did I.

I wasn't about to pay for everyone else's stuff.

Also, not only does John Oliver's voice make me feel warm and fuzzy, it's also his double dose of dimples. They make me purr like some sort of bizarre, person-sized kitten.

And, I've added the website for the newspaper that I work for because.... well, I'm feeling nice.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The trouble with Macs

I'm not good with Macs. Really I'm not. It's not like I can't understand them--I've taught other people how to use them, I've used them almost exclusively in classes. And to be honest, I almost bought a Macbook. It's like my dislike of math. I can do it, I can teach it, I'll get an A in the class--just don't make me do it.

The commercials really piss me off. A bit too pretentious for my tastes.

Really, I don't have too much of a problem with Macs and I think if I had my own, I'd be fine with it. But I won't be needing one for quite a while--my cute HP with fun vector art on it works just fine.

My happy thought of the year:
Have something you feel really good about doing, something that you think you're really good at. It doesn't matter what it is: it could be being really good at building towers of cards, you can spin around a million times and not get dizzy or the ability to diffuse a hungry situation. It doesn't matter what other people think--this is all about YOU. Now, find out what it is and smile when you think about it.

Get better at it. It doesn't matter what it is. And whenever you're doing it, smile. Whenever you think about it, smile.

And you'll find yourself smiling more.

Currently: trying to learn one of my native languages: French. Also, trying to remember what I do know in Spanish and Japanese.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Does anyone else remember that movie? I loved it and the cartoon that followed.

Quote of the day: "I like surprise cupcakes, not surprise tomatoes." --Me

Yes, I'm quoting myself. Quite cheesy, I know. But still, it's an appropriate quote for today's blog. I said this at work while a coworker and I were discussing the current tomato epidemic.

So, the FDA doesn't know how tomatoes were tainted. O_o I'm not pleased about this. I'm perfectly fine with me not understanding how it works. But, if just makes me nervous to think that the FDA doesn't understand.

I like how they refer to the tomatoes as "implicated."
"The raw red Plum, red Roma and red Round are implicated in the outbreak."

www.fda.gov gives a list of states and areas that tomatoes are safe to eat from; however, I have no idea where my tomatoes are from. And I only buy Roma tomatoes! There goes my tomato consumption, which was limited to begin with.

Due to the ridiculous gas business, mass transit it up--higher than it's 1957 peak--which is good for people that have reliable mass tran in their city.
It's a rare occasion that I even see a bus here.

I'm considering getting my bike fixed and equipped with a basket. I think it would be cute, fun and healthy. ...however, it would also be hot, sweaty and unhealthy considering how freaking humid and hot it is here. Not to mention the fact that drivers here don't realize that pedestrians have the right of way. It's like one big Grand Theft Auto map.

Get 5,000 points for hitting the old woman with walker. 10,000 points for babies in strollers. 20,000 points for clumsy college grad on bike.

DVD's I want that are out this week:
The Other Boleyn Girl, the Boondocks: Season 2, Otis

Current mood: disappointed--my name isn't that different from it's English spelling/pronunciation than in other languages. :(

Monday, June 9, 2008

I require nutrients of the chocolate variety

New list:
Voices that grate on my nerves: Rachel Ray, Adam Sandler....
I added the ellipsis because I'm sure I'll continue to add to this list.

Movie news:
The title for Transformers 2 is: the Revenge of the Fallen... or Return of the Fallen..... one of those two. My brain seems to not be functioning under these terrible conditions i.e. I haven't eaten yet.

Currently raging over: (when am I now raging over something?)
Also currently raging over the big commencement hype going on. Where was my big to-do during my commencement? Granted, I graduated in December, but that shouldn't matter. Why didn't Mr. Colbert come to speak at my commencement?
He doesn't have to be frightened of my youthful vigor, it was stolen long ago and replaced by a constant shifting mood between childlike naivete and bitter cynicism.
But seriously, I have been raging over the lack of fall commencement coverage for a long time. Long before I graduated, but shortly after I learned that I would be graduating in a fall commencement. I noticed the diminished amount of grad-related things and increased amount of people asking me about my 'spring' graduation that didn't exist. RAAAAAGEEEE!

Also, tomatoes and salmonella. Why? Why? But more importantly, what? I don't really understand the whole tomatoes being able to have salmonella. I was able to understand that chicken can have salmonella because.... chicken is inherently evil and they ooze evil from their pores. But how does a tomato have it? Have the chicken been conversing when the tomatoes? Should we be worried about a Poultry/Produce vs Human war?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My proudness, let me show you it

My mum bought a DS Lite Friday. My heart swells with pride.
She has come over to the gamer side.

A man was arrested for shooting a black bear in George County.... this is about two counties away from me. Granted, he gave false information, tampered with evidence and I don't really know the full story but.....
If something was trying to eat my face off, I'd try and defend myself too. Except, I would play dead like in cartoons.... and then I would probably be promptly eaten.

New wants:
Pentax Optio W60 underwater digital camera in blue, only $330.

Friday, June 6, 2008

College graduate =/= Millionarie

This morning consisted of ringing up the lenders that my student loans are through and asking about consolidation.
My grace period is up on the 15th and I'm most certainly not happy about this business.
Come to find out, none of my lenders are consolidating at this time. In fact, they've suspended any consolidation. I even called up my credit card company, since they also do loan consolidation. Oh! They have their consolidating suspended too.

Why, you ask? Because of the recession and the crap situation that the economy is currently in right now.

Thank you, government. To thank you, I wrote you a letter

Dear government,
I hate you so much.
Love, Rose :)

On a happier note, at the end of this month, I will have something that I have been without for about 8 years--health insurance.

Yes, health insurance.

These past few years, I've been trying so hard to stay semi-healthy: not breathing around sick people, constantly washing my hands, scarfing down vitamins.... I didn't want to catch that case of the deadness that been going around.

I read an interesting article the other day, in the Indianapolis Star. It was stating that job seeker's manners during interviews were in a "downward spiral" and that hiring managers were upset about this "deterioration" of behavior. That one would see alcohol, profanity and the use of cell phones during interviews.

Honestly, shouldn't that be something really helpful in finding people not to hire?

"Oh, this guy is drunk. And that guy has shouted 'f' four times into his cellphone. How about I hire this nice guy over here that can actually tie his shoes without the help of his mother."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The dangers of cats, puzzles and Moon Pies

A homeless man was arrested for allegedly attacking an 84-year-old man with a box of Moon Pies in Illinois. I'm not sure what the motive was... but I do know one thing: don't come between a person and their Moon Pies.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


...almost didn't make it. So tired that I was about to throw myself to bed.

Worthwhile reading will be posted later this week.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Extended Caturday

Look at this! Twice in a row. :)

So, June 13th - the Incredible Hulk and the Happening. Awesome!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

National Adopt a Cat Month begins

And so it begins: the month of perpetual Caturday-ness.
And delicious snozzberries as well.