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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My illegalities....

... let me show you them.

So, we were talking about various illegal, immoral and similar things. The questions I agreed with were: have you ever snuck into a movie? and have you walked out on a meal ticket?

I was a bit young, not old enough to watch a 'R' rated movie, I thought I was smarter than the average.... uh, ticket taker. So, I bought a ticket for random PG movie and then nonchalantly walked into aforementioned 'R' rated movie.
The second time, some friends and I wanted to watch something fun and ridiculous. So, we got tickets for 'Ghost Ship.'

I'll pause here for uncontrollable pitying laughter.

After 10 minutes, the pure idiocy of this movie got to me and I walked out..... and in to 'Punch Drunk Love.'

Ok, so..... not really illegal.... but, I thought so at the time.

So, the service was bad, they only bought out one of the five meals ordered and we had been awaiting nearly an hour. Don't get me wrong, I've worked in food before. I understand, there are reasons and excuses like: it's busy, there's no food, I'm the only one here.

But none of these things were going on. It wasn't busy, there was food, she wasn't the only wait staff there. You could see the cooks leaning around, eating, talking. One of the other wait staff was practically feeling up her boyfriend, who had come in to see her.

There were no excuses other than this: trashy trash was leaving Rose hungry. There's no excuse for that. Everyone else got up to leave, so did I.

I wasn't about to pay for everyone else's stuff.

Also, not only does John Oliver's voice make me feel warm and fuzzy, it's also his double dose of dimples. They make me purr like some sort of bizarre, person-sized kitten.

And, I've added the website for the newspaper that I work for because.... well, I'm feeling nice.

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