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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Does anyone else remember that movie? I loved it and the cartoon that followed.

Quote of the day: "I like surprise cupcakes, not surprise tomatoes." --Me

Yes, I'm quoting myself. Quite cheesy, I know. But still, it's an appropriate quote for today's blog. I said this at work while a coworker and I were discussing the current tomato epidemic.

So, the FDA doesn't know how tomatoes were tainted. O_o I'm not pleased about this. I'm perfectly fine with me not understanding how it works. But, if just makes me nervous to think that the FDA doesn't understand.

I like how they refer to the tomatoes as "implicated."
"The raw red Plum, red Roma and red Round are implicated in the outbreak."

www.fda.gov gives a list of states and areas that tomatoes are safe to eat from; however, I have no idea where my tomatoes are from. And I only buy Roma tomatoes! There goes my tomato consumption, which was limited to begin with.

Due to the ridiculous gas business, mass transit it up--higher than it's 1957 peak--which is good for people that have reliable mass tran in their city.
It's a rare occasion that I even see a bus here.

I'm considering getting my bike fixed and equipped with a basket. I think it would be cute, fun and healthy. ...however, it would also be hot, sweaty and unhealthy considering how freaking humid and hot it is here. Not to mention the fact that drivers here don't realize that pedestrians have the right of way. It's like one big Grand Theft Auto map.

Get 5,000 points for hitting the old woman with walker. 10,000 points for babies in strollers. 20,000 points for clumsy college grad on bike.

DVD's I want that are out this week:
The Other Boleyn Girl, the Boondocks: Season 2, Otis

Current mood: disappointed--my name isn't that different from it's English spelling/pronunciation than in other languages. :(

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