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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mint and canary

Currently working on favorite color combinations. Canary and mint are such sweet colors alone and such perfect mates when together.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am loved...

... and you are loved too. It's true!

It's Friday, dudes! Hooray for the weekend - which will be filled with arranging things and relaxing.
What's on your weekend agenda?

Current songs I'm obsessed with:

Bulletproof - La Roux
Mmmm... loving that eighties vibe.

In for the kill - La Roux
Loving that physics defying hair!

Stuck on Repeat - Little Boots
I also am loving this version of the song too.

Remedy - Little Boots
This song makes me want to get up and dance!

Destroy everything you touch - Ladytron (love that name!)

Like what you hear?
Make sure to support the people who give pleasure to your ears:
La Roux In for the Kill
Little Boots Hands
Ladytron Witching Hour

One thing I NEED to work on is a button for this blog.... any ideas?
Should it include roses? A photograph or two of mine? A quirky picture of me?
Or perhaps I should make more than one button.... hmmm....

Monday, July 12, 2010

A sordid affair

I have a shameful little story to tell...

Those that know me well, know that movies and I have a thing together; not as sordid a thing as video games and I have together but... you get the picture.
Recently, I've been doing the unthinkable... it's practically prostitution!
I've been taking some DVDs to FYE for cash.

I'll give you a minute to digest that.

Before you completely lose it, realize that I've carefully gone through my collection and have separated the regular DVDs from the 'I can't live without this!' DVDs.
Even then, my heart crushes in on itself each time I hand over a disk for an amount waaaaaaay less than its worth and the enjoyment it gave me.
And what's worse is the look the cashiers give me.
Now, I know many less than savory characters take advantage of this cash-for-stuff deal. Many of them steal for it.
I, on the other hand, had some (not-so) disposable income and built up a collection far before I was ready for it.
I don't have a home.
I don't have a place that I see myself living in after five years.... much less still living here for a year. Why did I think I needed to start a collection?

I suppose I'm just growing up. ::insert self-depreciating chuckle here::
I realized that I can't cart around a collection with me where I want to go. When I finally head to California, (cross the fingers that it's sooner rather than later) I'm really only going to want to bring the essentials.
Well, that and I needed the cash: living off granola and freeze pops does not a nutritious life make. (It's nowhere near that bad.... but close lol)

And so, what I haven't watched in a year, chances are it's been handed over.
Granted, the higher-end foreign stuff and box-sets have had a nicer way of leaving. I've been selling them on eBay and Amazon.

It's terrible, I tell you.
I once said that being poor and starving builds character.

It also makes you ornery.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Just call me 'Marie'

I've got to say... working at a bank certainly has its perks. Throughly enjoying my bank holiday with good old-fashioned relaxing.

Though, if I were to be TRULY honest... I'd rather enjoy spending my time with these:

There's a reason I wasn't born in France. It's because by the tender age of 10, I would have had to be rolled out of my house because I would have become a life-size profiterole.

Not that round is a terrible shape.

Send me pastries and just call me 'Marie.'

Photo attribution:

Can't get enough of patisseries?
Check out these delicious delights here, here, here and here. Yum yum!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


What do you guys think about promise rings?

In days gone by, promise ring were merely placeholders for engagement rings.

Nowadays, promise rings can represent many things: from simple declarations of love to a ring to signify the commitment to a monogamous relationship. And with technology making long distance relationships more common, promise rings have become very popular to ease the distance between two lovers.
In fact, a coworker was given a beautiful promise ring by her Afghanistan-bound boyfriend and I would catch her at work, gazing at it - a physical extension of her distant lover.

And along with the changing representations, styles have changed too.
From flamboyant cocktail style to simple bands engraved with a heart, promise rings are making a comeback.

Here's a few styles that I find absolutely lovely and would be great as promise rings:

Ring attributions:





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