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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pepper Spray Will Make the Eyes Burn

In a slight attempt to be remotely professional (when the fancy strikes me), I'll be placing some of my editorials and feature stories and even short stories up for your viewing pleasure. First up is my editorial about parking on campus. I tried to keep most of my opinion out and just give information, but not surprisingly, it smacks with my annoyed wit.

It’s the fall semester, which means many things: back to school, leaves changing colors (except in the southern part of the United States), temperatures dropping and football. While to some, football is synonymous with a good time, others find it an indirect source of trouble.
On the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, students have to give up their parking for football attendees. Entire parking lots are cleared out under threat of booting and towing. Even though most games are hosted during the weekend, it still inconveniences students that reside on-campus.
Black and Gold Boulevard serves as a parking lot mainly for three residence halls: Scott, Bond and Vann. Bond and Vann are male and Scott is female. This street and the Vann parking lot are cleared of students’ cars for the game, leaving only the parking lot behind Bond, North Bond lot, open for students. Unfortunately, this parking lot isn’t open only to students. It’s also open to attendees as well. This parking lot is not large enough to house the cars of three residence halls and football attendees.
Many women from Scott Hall have to find parking elsewhere on campus, far away from the safety of their residence hall. With the sexual assaults that were reported last semester, now is a crucial time to have women’s security as a priority.

Aka -- I'm tired of having to park on the other side of campus and trek to my dorm at night. I do have mace, but I'm pretty sure I'd just end up macing myself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

And I Shall Name Her Beatrice

Say "Hello," Beatrice.

So, my original post was going something much different, probably something about the current state of... well, whatever. Instead, I will be posting this:

Bees in the Bathroom!!!

Seriously, there are bees in the dormitory bathroom.

I went in, did my business, was washing my hands when I noticed little Beatrice hanging out on the counter. Washing her hands as well, I suppose. I didn't think too much of it: the screens and windows in the bathrooms and showers are crap. So, I dried my hands off, went to get a paper towel to pick up Beatrice and release her outside.... when I looked up and noticed that apparently I had walked in on a sort of bee prom. I'm not one to crash parties, so I politely left , ran back in and took pictures and then informed my RA that our floor was playing host to the bee prom.

I hope Beatrice is crowned the Prom Queen. Hah! Queen Bee! I crack myself up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

Yay! Intergers!

God, I hate math....

So, for some reason, the first week of October has always been a bit of a curse for me in varying levels. Things like getting my period, getting caught in a spontaneous tsunami or just falling up some stairs are alright on their own, but when it comes down to the first week of October, everything seems to be utter crap and all happen within that week.
This week:
Forty million things are due this week alone, I'm riding the crimson tide thus making me a big bag of crazy hormones, my car got sick, I lost my student ID, I'm tired all the time, I missed my chance to see "Sunshine" in the theatre, I can't get my prescription sunglasses because I have to get a new eye exam (and spend another million dollars) because my prescription ran out two days ago, I'm all bloated and pissy, my throat currently hurts, food in the cafeteria has been consistently crappy, I got some harassing phone calls at 4 in the morning the other day and I'm unlovable.

Well, that last one isn't true: I'm very lovable, just currently crabby-er than usual.

On a lighter note, it's almost the middle of the semester and I haven't killed anyone yet! :D

I've been coerced into starting a facebook thingy and started some events heralding my birthday and graduation. Look me up some time: under 'Rose Pendleton' and I have the same profile picture. I should really update those.....