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Monday, October 15, 2007

And I Shall Name Her Beatrice

Say "Hello," Beatrice.

So, my original post was going something much different, probably something about the current state of... well, whatever. Instead, I will be posting this:

Bees in the Bathroom!!!

Seriously, there are bees in the dormitory bathroom.

I went in, did my business, was washing my hands when I noticed little Beatrice hanging out on the counter. Washing her hands as well, I suppose. I didn't think too much of it: the screens and windows in the bathrooms and showers are crap. So, I dried my hands off, went to get a paper towel to pick up Beatrice and release her outside.... when I looked up and noticed that apparently I had walked in on a sort of bee prom. I'm not one to crash parties, so I politely left , ran back in and took pictures and then informed my RA that our floor was playing host to the bee prom.

I hope Beatrice is crowned the Prom Queen. Hah! Queen Bee! I crack myself up.

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