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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stylish according to Rose

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -- Maya Angelou

Want to know, at least in my opinion, what's the most stylish thing you can pack in your personal arsenal?
The number one guarantee that will cause an increase in genuine friend and admirers?

A great personality.
Hands down.
Pepper in some charm, empathy and etiquette and you've got someone that most want to be and everyone wants to know.

You don't have to pour on the charisma. It will cause people to believe you are not sincere... or are a door-to-door salesman.

Nothing tickles my fancy more than a guy with a bit of charm.

Except for chocolate-covered strawberries.

In fact, give me a guy that's got a bit of charm holding chocolate-covered strawberries and I'll show you a girl that'll eat out of his hands, literally!

Don't worry. 
The charm that comes so easy to some and so difficult for others is something that can be grown within you and doesn't require a lot of work or instruction manuals.

The easiest way for me is to just smile at people.
Now this is something that's been partially programmed into me from years of employment in retail and sales. At least I can say I got something out of it!
The other part came from my ability to laugh and laugh and laugh. It's something you could say I was born with. And it's stayed with me all these years despite relationships that threatened to smother it and an illness intent on destroying it.
A smile, a laugh can go along way. It's something that people remember.

Another easy way is to be aware of your surroundings and act upon them. Kindness goes along way.
Now, this doesn't mean giving the shirt right off your back. 
This may lead to you getting arrested for indecent exposure and that's not really our goal here.

Hold the door for someone, allow someone to cut in front of you (especially if they have less items than you), lend some change when the person in front of you is short.
The possibilities are endless.

However, the possibilities are also endless to hinder that charm you're working to establish.
At the top of the list, here's a few things that I've found to be immediate turn off and possible situations where I was genuinely scared:
 - Being rude to the general public/wait staff (they're there to serve and help you, not get trashed and yelled at.)
 - Getting furious/lash out at animals, specifically pets (they love you unconditionally and are not humans. Don't expect them to understand everything.)
 - Getting malicious pleasure at an innocent person's expense (notice I said 'innocent.' Sometimes, people do have it coming.)

There's no magic wand I can wave and make you amazing. 
If I had such a thing, I'd have used it on myself years ago.
But with a little confidence, a pinch of self worth, a great smile, an easy laugh and a fun attitude can get you a lot farther, sincere-wise, than just a pretty face.

Some people have it easy.
It just takes a bit of work for the rest of us.
But it's certainly something to work toward.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Less mehing, more posting

I've let a whole week get away from me.
Not that it was a particularly good week to serve as a growing area for productive interests. Pretty terrible week, health-wise, if you ask me. Not really sure what was going on. But I AM sure that I don't want a repeat anytime soon. Or ever, if I had my choice.

Luckily, during this downtime, I came up with some great ideas and managed to get a few down on paper before the thoughts flitted from my mind. Look to see some of those implemented soon.
I've also fixed the Photography tab. It's not quite up to my exact specifications, but it'll do for the time being.

In news, Monday was my last official day as an apartment dweller. Keys were turned in, electricity was shut and goodbyes were said. This past month as a parental home dweller has not been too shabby. I suppose that as long as you have a certain relationship with your parents, things can work out. That and making sure that all parties are on the same page.

Also, I've narrowed my choices for universities down to two: University of Southern Mississippi and University of Southern California. I'm still hesitant to pick one. Perhaps because I'm unconsciously holding out for something AMAZING to come my way. Not to say that these two choices aren't.


I'm just afraid that I'll make a choice I, my future life and my check account will regret.
Yeah, I'm thinking it's the latter.

It's ONLY the biggest step in my career plan.
No biggie.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giveaways du jour

Geez... February seems to be the month for awesome giveaways.
Here's a few that I'm entering and you might want to take a peek!

Good luck to all!

Beauty by Sam is giving you a chance to win some gorgeous porcelain (yes, porcelain!) jewelry from Vintage Creations by miki's secret. Giveaway ends February 24.

Misadventures with Andi is doing another Parispalooza!
You have the chance to win five(5!) French related items. Giveaway ends February 25.
Note: this is one of the easiest giveaways I've ever taken part in!

Family Fashion and Facts is giving away this quaint and minimalist heart ring by Heather Gill of Cherry Creek.
Giveaway ends March 9.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Whatever happened to romance?

This post originally appeared in 2007 as a blog post, which got resurrected as a column that ran in the HUB section of the Feb. 12 edition of Hattiesburg American in an edited format, which was rerun (again) as a blog post February 14, 2009. 
Here it is, presented in it's unedited format.

Whatever happened to romance?

I realize that we live in an immediate gratification society, where everyone is trying to beat everyone else to the punch. Where lightning fast internet and up-to-the-minute news still isn't fast enough. Where competitiveness is a national sport and a much sought after personality trait.

Myself, I prefer a nice smile, a great sense of humor and almost lightning fast internet... that's probably why I would never make it as a retail manager or in any sort of competitive based job.

But, I digress...

Whatever happened to slow, soft kisses and holding hands?
They seem to have been replaced with hurrying to stick one's tongue down the other's throat and jumping into bed within minutes of meeting someone.

Call me old fashioned, but it takes more than three dates at allow someone to see the holiest of my... well, you know.

Is chivalry dead?

Women blame it on men; men blame it on women.
Honestly, I think it's both. Men think they can get away with things because there are women out there who let them. And the men who act like gentlemen are shunned by some women into acting... well... ungentlemenly.

Valentine's Day has become a bane to couples and singletons everywhere.

Couples fret over what to get their sweethearts and singletons want to vomit at the sight of couples attached at the lips.

Here's a tip for couples:
Handmade gifts are incrediblely sweet. Remember that old saying: It's the thought that counts. And while jewelry, flowers and other pricey gifts are great, they are almost the easy way out and can require little thought. A gift made from your own hands shows the thought you put into it.

And for you singletons:
Grab a friend or two and head out for a night on the town. Valentine's Day isn't just about lovers. Celebrate the day in your own way, on your own terms. Send valentines to your friends to show that you're thinking of them.

Drink a toast to singlehood, a toast to friendship or a toast to life!

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I like walks along the beach, sitting around in pajamas eating ice cream and watching movies, hugs, shy glances across the room, roses(who knew?), soft-sweet kisses, more hugs, talking for hours about nothing at all, snuggling and, of course, romance.

Hello, everyone.
My name is Rose and I'm a love-aholic.

Rose Pendleton is a love-aholic looking in all the wrong places.
All roses, chocolates and poetry can be sent to rnpendleton@hattiesburgamerican.com.
 rosetheninja@gmail.com or rose@laviederose.com


In lieu of Valentine's Day, I'll be reviving some love-centered posts.
This gem was originally posted February 14, 2010.

Happy Valentine's Day, to all!
Valentine's Day isn't just for the romance between lovers, but for love as a whole.
Saint Valentine was cared for by a blind, peasant girl while he was in jail. Valentine prayed for her health and on the day he was to be executed, her sight was restored.

Caring for someone is what Valentine's Day is about, even if that someone is you.

So, I hope that everyone enjoys Valentine's Day in their own way: hang out with friends, be with your love, watch movies, etc.... but make sure to love one another and always remember to love yourself.

image by tanni7.wordpress.com

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How much of a 7th grader do I sound?

How much of a 7th grader do I sound if I said that I would be completely in love with the idea of having a secret admirer?
Not that I have one, mind you.
And not out of not wanting to have one. hint hint

But, seriously, if I received a valentine tomorrow signed, "your secret admirer," I would be over the moon.

You think I'm joking, but I would flip the hell out. In a good way.

Hell, if I got any romantically-inclined valentines tomorrow, I would happily flip out.

However, I couldn't be won over immediately. That would be too easy.
There would have to be some sort of battle of wits, agility and strength.

Or just give me something shiny and cute.

image from aliexpress.com

Either way. You've got to prove your admiration.

Though, I wouldn't be completely naive. (naive, yes. completely naive, no.)
Not to be a downer, but a little bit of me would be worried that this imaginary secret admirer would be... oh, I don't know, possibly your average, run-of-the-mill creeper.


Just my luck. 

Sweet, sweet zombie love

So, I may not have gotten a job at Hallmark, but that doesn't mean I can bust out with some great sentiments:

Happy Valentine's Day!
If we were zombies, I would totally share my kills with you.

I'm not....

I LOVE corny things. The cornier, the better.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dogs barking, can't fly without umbrella

So, there's an update on the nerd front.
It was recently pointed out that I could probably get away with cosplaying Urd of Ah! My Goddess! fame with minimal monetary involvement.

Not this outfit though. That's just a boobarmageddon waiting to happen.

White wig, purple contacts, cute dress and I'm covered!

Look at this bag!
That color is amazing!

Turquoise Leather Beauty
Click on the bag for more amazing flickr photos.

And here's a few contests I'm entering.
Luck to everyone who enters!

Tabitha Emma is hosting a Japonicas coupon contest which ends Monday, February 14.

Previously Owned is hosting a Hinterlands Vintage contest which ends February 23.

Over 9000 Rose points to any of you that know where this post's title comes from.
Hint: It's a gas, gas, gas.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hoppy New Year!

Cheezy... I know
It's a bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year!
To celebrate, I caught you a bunny.