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Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days of Crazy

I’ve been inspired again!

Not in a “I’m inspired to pair this top with those pants” kind of way or “I’m inspired to try out this new dance routine…. and then quit in a day” kind of way.
I’ve been inspired to pay more attention to myself, my surroundings and how I affect them/they affect me. Perhaps be a better me?

I was inspired by the 100 days of the presidency blowout Wednesday.
And I decided to localize that in the closest sense of the word.

I will be logging my next 100 days; not necessary to better myself, although that wouldn’t be a bad thing… but to pay a bit more attention to myself. And at the end of my 100 days, I’ll grade myself on certain things. Not sure what those things are yet….

I encourage any and all to log and grade yourself. Or follow and grade me if you’d like.
My 100 days will begin May 1 and end Aug. 8.

There are many things I hope to have accomplished by Aug. 8, so I suppose grade will depend on the accomplishments of these items: (some vague and only really need a sense of accomplishment and others easy and silly)

• take GRE
• admission to grad school
• grow my own strawberries
• lose weight
• be a bit happier
• enjoy my surroundings more
• get out more
• write, draw and create more
• dye my hair
• study French and Spanish more

And I’m sure there are more.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just finished filling out my FAFSA for the upcoming school year. Very excited.
Took me three browsers to get it done.

Will be condensing vlogs here as well as I see no real need to have a separate place for vlogs. <.<

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not continuing the photo thing: at least as far as photographing myself. I have other things I could be photographing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Show biz baby

Things that made me giggle today:
"... comedic gold! I tell you, these guys have a future in show biz, and by show biz I mean gay porn."

- long, black bead earrings, from Wal-Mart, I think
- silver ring with black (possibly lacquer) heart, my Dad gave to me Christmas about 12 years or so ago
- long, black stretchy shirt with beige designs, from T.J. Maxx
- long, black leggings, from Wal-Mart
- black ballet flats from Payless

I don’t think I’ll pair these two again: they show off my pooch too much. Perhaps I’ll wear the shirt with jeans.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Documentary me

So, whilst having a conversation with myself, I've decided to do something interesting.
A little project of sorts: I will photograph myself and list what I'm wearing ... for a whole year.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to accomplish with this.... perhaps I'm just interested in documenting myself.

And it gives me something else to be committed to.

So, starting today, I begin to catalog myself:

- earrings: belonged to my mum, she got them in a shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They're near as old as I am
- silver bangle with little details, I've had since I was 11 or so
- black, near-sheer collared shirt from Gap
- grey plaid trousers
- black, Oxford heels from Payless Shoes

Friday, April 17, 2009

CAT scan: TL;DR version

Here's the quick convo about the CAT scan:

::my friend::
how did your stuff go?

it was weird, but interesting
it was like a big metal and plastic inner tube with spinning insides going over my head
and then they injected me with this iodine dye and it makes you really warm
i thought i had peed my pants XD
luckily, i didn't

Also, my sensitive plant and basil seeds have sprouted! :D

Edit: those who are curious at how red my face got when I thought I had peed my pants can head over to roseconfessional.blogspot.com to see!

Lazors in my brain

So, quite a bit has been going on since last post: my web cam crapped out on me, I've started studying for the GRE, went to an art gallery, saw a neurologist and am getting a CAT scan today. Yeah, seriously.

It all started with my shaking thing; nothing serious, I feel really ill and my hands begin to shake. Nothing major. I thought it was just hypoglycemia, which I assumed I had anyway. Yet, the doctor I went to thought that perhaps I was getting mild seizures and referred me to a neurologist and set up a CAT scan for me.

I thought this was a little weird; why didn't he wait to see what the neurologist said before ordering the CAT scan? anyways.....

I saw the neurologist yesterday. Let's just say, he was bipolar. One minute he was funny and kind, then next he was being rude and condescending to women. I wanted to call him out on it, but I wanted my answer first. I couldn't wait to get out of there. But at least I got my answer: I'm not having seizures and he doesn't see a need for a CAT scan... unless the doctor is looking for something else.... like a tumor. O.o;

I'm not looking forward to the CAT scan. I'm not looking forward to large amounts of radiation being zapped into my brain.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've been in a bit of a slump lately: I keep feeling that I should be doing something, yet don't really know what that something is....
My initiative is pretty low.. which is fine considering my lack of monies.
Days off are finding me sitting in from of the laptop, playing games or watching DVDs.

And yet, I feel as if I should be doing something more.....

May take a walk at the walking trail in town and go to the library later today.

...... or perhaps I should just start dancing in front of my webcam and record it:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Being geeky

yeah, yeah; I'm a bit behind with this but: I'm giving Google Chrome a try and I'm actually liking it.
I wasn't really into having tons of different browers, but.....

Firefox is being a bit of a twit to me with its: Firefox is already running. Close it and then open again..... well, Firefox isn't open. And it's nowhere to be found.

Opera gets pissy anytime I click on anything. With its: Oh! You've clicked on a link... I must vomit on myself and restart AGAIN! I got quickly annoyed.

Internet Explorer is... well, let's not even go there.

So far, Chrome has not caused me any ire. Huzzah!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The drawing quest

I've come up with a way to try and get me to draw more; I wrote it up while taking a break at work:
Draw a character or person doing something from the list. You do not have to do these in order.

1. Full-body pose-front: this is everything on a person, so don't cut off feet, hands or hair.
2. Full-body pose-back: this is to get to know the person/chara that you're drawing.
After this point, you can draw at any length you want: full, bust, head... unless otherwise noted. Also, you don't have to keep drawing the same person/chara unless otherwise noted. Everything is left up to your interpretation.
3. Happy
4. Sad
5. Angry
6. Jumping
7. Running or walking
8. Fighting
9. Content
10. Dancing
11. Hugging another person/chara
12. Eating
13. Draw the same chara from 1 and 2 but, this time, draw them from a different universe or dimension. They could be the evil/good version of your chara or be part bat part person, anything.
14. In love
15. As an angel
16. As a devil
17. Moon
18. Sun
19. Needy
20. Vacation
21. Play
22. Wedding

I may come up with more soon.
I've decided to start 1 and 2 with my sage from Ragnarok Online. I'm going to try and do one/two a week.

All are encouraged to draw along and send a link to the drawing. All are also encouraged to suggest other instances too. Good luck!