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Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days of Crazy

I’ve been inspired again!

Not in a “I’m inspired to pair this top with those pants” kind of way or “I’m inspired to try out this new dance routine…. and then quit in a day” kind of way.
I’ve been inspired to pay more attention to myself, my surroundings and how I affect them/they affect me. Perhaps be a better me?

I was inspired by the 100 days of the presidency blowout Wednesday.
And I decided to localize that in the closest sense of the word.

I will be logging my next 100 days; not necessary to better myself, although that wouldn’t be a bad thing… but to pay a bit more attention to myself. And at the end of my 100 days, I’ll grade myself on certain things. Not sure what those things are yet….

I encourage any and all to log and grade yourself. Or follow and grade me if you’d like.
My 100 days will begin May 1 and end Aug. 8.

There are many things I hope to have accomplished by Aug. 8, so I suppose grade will depend on the accomplishments of these items: (some vague and only really need a sense of accomplishment and others easy and silly)

• take GRE
• admission to grad school
• grow my own strawberries
• lose weight
• be a bit happier
• enjoy my surroundings more
• get out more
• write, draw and create more
• dye my hair
• study French and Spanish more

And I’m sure there are more.

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