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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lazors in my brain

So, quite a bit has been going on since last post: my web cam crapped out on me, I've started studying for the GRE, went to an art gallery, saw a neurologist and am getting a CAT scan today. Yeah, seriously.

It all started with my shaking thing; nothing serious, I feel really ill and my hands begin to shake. Nothing major. I thought it was just hypoglycemia, which I assumed I had anyway. Yet, the doctor I went to thought that perhaps I was getting mild seizures and referred me to a neurologist and set up a CAT scan for me.

I thought this was a little weird; why didn't he wait to see what the neurologist said before ordering the CAT scan? anyways.....

I saw the neurologist yesterday. Let's just say, he was bipolar. One minute he was funny and kind, then next he was being rude and condescending to women. I wanted to call him out on it, but I wanted my answer first. I couldn't wait to get out of there. But at least I got my answer: I'm not having seizures and he doesn't see a need for a CAT scan... unless the doctor is looking for something else.... like a tumor. O.o;

I'm not looking forward to the CAT scan. I'm not looking forward to large amounts of radiation being zapped into my brain.

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