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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

One of my favorite holiday traditions: listening to "O Holy Night" sung by Eric Cartman.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sky Kitten...

Sky kitten watches over all. Too bad it didn't show up while I was in London. It would have been interesting to have been on the eye at that moment.

So, being freshly done with school gives me tons of free time. Time to catch up on unplayed video games, unwatched and ranted about movies and recreational reading. I also have much more time to put toward blogging as well. So expect to see more posts than usual.

What? I'm bored.

Movies I am excited about (whether on DVD or theatre):
Shoot 'em Up
Golden Compass
Sweeney Todd
the Machine Girl

for those curious about the Machine Girl, here's a link to the trailer : http://youtube.com/watch?v=MBt1SihHDt0

Check out my minicity and help my population grow : http://rosebranch.myminicity.com/

Currently obsessed with this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2h_AuyNArM&feature=related
The band wrote a song to the tune of the MegaMan 2 Wily stage theme. Super catchy and really cute.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Graduation, Cthulhu-style....

...would I want it any other way?

So, I am officially a graduate. Go me! :D

The ceremony was neat and not as long as I thought it was going to be. While everything leading up to it was nerve-wracking and I was sent into several mental meltdowns, the day finally came... and then went by insanely fast. At the end of the day I was left with a "is that it?" feeling.

I am currently transplanted at my parents' house. And while living rent-free is awesome, it's not really what I had planned on. But, I like to think of it as a bit of a sabbatical.

Although, honestly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself when January comes around. I won't be going back to school... and that's a really, really weird feeling.

"No more school, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks."

I've been in school since I was 4... for 22 years, school has been a constant routine. I never took a semester off, I never took a break: I got my diploma and then hopped on my way to getting an Associate's and when I got that, I hopped on my way to getting a Bachelor's and after changing my major a couple of times, I got it... much to the enjoyment of my parents, friends, myself and, of course, Cthulhu.

But what do I do now?

Well, I've decided that when I ever get married, me, my groom and the rest of the wedding procession will be performing a rendition of "Thriller." Classy, yes?

I better start practicing now.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Looking Peculiar in Piccadilly Circus

I have no idea what I was doing in this photo... listening for the train maybe?

This picture was taken by a fellow British Studies student of Maddie, Catherine and I on our way to get our official Harry Potter 7 books. We left the dormitories at around 8.30p and didn't get back until 3.30a. But it was all in good Potter Madness fun. Yeah, I realize it's blurry but it still brings back great memories.

So, I'm working on getting my own website that hosts my photography; kinda like a huge, online photo album. But since my web hosting, web page making, computer skills and such are lacking I have to resort to begging people who have such skills to help me out. Until I can get this site up, I'll just have to be happy with having a few photos up at DeviantArt (follow the link found in my 'linkies' section) Nothing new has been posted in a while due to lack of editing software and the extreme backlog that ensued because of it. I'll be working on that during my sabbatical in Jackson and other points outward. But it's going to take a while: I've got photos dating back to June of this year and 1500+ photos from England/France alone to work through.

I'm adding some give free food links to the 'linkies' section and posting them here as well:



Do your good deed of the day/week/month/year and give some people and pets some free food and care. :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

God Save the Interwebs

The Internet is a series of tubes, or so says a popular internet meme. But it really seems to have become more than that. I don't know anyone that doesn't come in contact with the Internet on a daily, or at least semi-daily, basis. Even my grandmum, who's fond of funny forwarded emails, is a frequent flyer on the Internet Airways. When people are asked what they cannot live without, Internet is pretty high on the list. Even during Hurricane Katrina, there were wistful conversations of cooked food, showers, favorite sitcoms and Internet.

Speaking of Katrina, I probably would have dealt with the whole situation better if I would have been able to see satellite images of the hurricane with huge macroed text personifying it by having it say something similar to: "I'm in your Gulf, rearranging your cities."

Granted, I did see these later on, but it wasn't the same.

Do we depend on Internet that much? Or is it just me?

Whether it's checking movie reviews and weather or researching cures for diseases, from mundane to serious, the Internet has become an integral of everyday functioning. If everything was to go belly up and the Internet was to be shut down for good, how many people would just atrophy away? How many riots would be going on in the streets? What in the world would we do? Are we that reliant?

I can see the headline now: "The Internet is Down; the End is Nigh."

There was an Internet outage campus wide awhile back and everyone suffered. Students weren't able to retrieve assignments left in their inboxes. Faculty weren't able to send out the aforementioned assignments. Getting the Student Printz (campus newspaper) together was a hassle. No serious (or otherwise) blogging could be done

Who else thinks that some sort of Internet generator should be made?

Much like generators of electricity, Internet generators would have an extra supply of Internet just waiting to get you through an Internet drought.

I should really market these. For she who controls the Internet, controls the world!

Besides, I have student loans to pay off and an Internet addiction to feed.

(This was an article I had written to turn in for Reporting class, I thought I would share some of my more interesting ones.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 7th...

... did you know where Rose was?

I was in your aquariums, petting your stingrays.

The proclamations for my birthday were:
To got to the Aquarium of the Americas
To eat Indian food at Nirvana (both located in New Orleans)

I demanded and I received.

The day started off with some traipsing around the aquarium, heading over to the Riverwalk, trekking to the now-extinct Virgin MegaStore, knoshing on beignets, freaking out over prices in Saks Fifth Avenue (40% off $675 is still a lot), chowing down at Nirvana, watching the Asylum Street Spankers and ending the night nearly running off the road due to exhaustion.

Seeing the jellyfish and petting the stingrays were certainly the high point of the day. As well as eating some yummy ginger chicken. I had been craving some Indian food since coming back from London.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of shops in the Riverwalk; it was kinda depressing. And (at least to me) New Orleans seemed a bit empty without the Virgin MegaStore/Tower Records combo. Especially with the buildings just sitting there like silent, empty sentinels. Thankfully, Cafe du Monde survived and I satiated some of my depression with beignets.

Does anyone else clean off their hands with the little cups of water they give you? I do. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pepper Spray Will Make the Eyes Burn

In a slight attempt to be remotely professional (when the fancy strikes me), I'll be placing some of my editorials and feature stories and even short stories up for your viewing pleasure. First up is my editorial about parking on campus. I tried to keep most of my opinion out and just give information, but not surprisingly, it smacks with my annoyed wit.

It’s the fall semester, which means many things: back to school, leaves changing colors (except in the southern part of the United States), temperatures dropping and football. While to some, football is synonymous with a good time, others find it an indirect source of trouble.
On the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, students have to give up their parking for football attendees. Entire parking lots are cleared out under threat of booting and towing. Even though most games are hosted during the weekend, it still inconveniences students that reside on-campus.
Black and Gold Boulevard serves as a parking lot mainly for three residence halls: Scott, Bond and Vann. Bond and Vann are male and Scott is female. This street and the Vann parking lot are cleared of students’ cars for the game, leaving only the parking lot behind Bond, North Bond lot, open for students. Unfortunately, this parking lot isn’t open only to students. It’s also open to attendees as well. This parking lot is not large enough to house the cars of three residence halls and football attendees.
Many women from Scott Hall have to find parking elsewhere on campus, far away from the safety of their residence hall. With the sexual assaults that were reported last semester, now is a crucial time to have women’s security as a priority.

Aka -- I'm tired of having to park on the other side of campus and trek to my dorm at night. I do have mace, but I'm pretty sure I'd just end up macing myself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

And I Shall Name Her Beatrice

Say "Hello," Beatrice.

So, my original post was going something much different, probably something about the current state of... well, whatever. Instead, I will be posting this:

Bees in the Bathroom!!!

Seriously, there are bees in the dormitory bathroom.

I went in, did my business, was washing my hands when I noticed little Beatrice hanging out on the counter. Washing her hands as well, I suppose. I didn't think too much of it: the screens and windows in the bathrooms and showers are crap. So, I dried my hands off, went to get a paper towel to pick up Beatrice and release her outside.... when I looked up and noticed that apparently I had walked in on a sort of bee prom. I'm not one to crash parties, so I politely left , ran back in and took pictures and then informed my RA that our floor was playing host to the bee prom.

I hope Beatrice is crowned the Prom Queen. Hah! Queen Bee! I crack myself up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

Yay! Intergers!

God, I hate math....

So, for some reason, the first week of October has always been a bit of a curse for me in varying levels. Things like getting my period, getting caught in a spontaneous tsunami or just falling up some stairs are alright on their own, but when it comes down to the first week of October, everything seems to be utter crap and all happen within that week.
This week:
Forty million things are due this week alone, I'm riding the crimson tide thus making me a big bag of crazy hormones, my car got sick, I lost my student ID, I'm tired all the time, I missed my chance to see "Sunshine" in the theatre, I can't get my prescription sunglasses because I have to get a new eye exam (and spend another million dollars) because my prescription ran out two days ago, I'm all bloated and pissy, my throat currently hurts, food in the cafeteria has been consistently crappy, I got some harassing phone calls at 4 in the morning the other day and I'm unlovable.

Well, that last one isn't true: I'm very lovable, just currently crabby-er than usual.

On a lighter note, it's almost the middle of the semester and I haven't killed anyone yet! :D

I've been coerced into starting a facebook thingy and started some events heralding my birthday and graduation. Look me up some time: under 'Rose Pendleton' and I have the same profile picture. I should really update those.....

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bludgeoning is painful, m'kay?

Hello, doctor!
Honestly, this guy is too cute.

So, when I signed up my classes for this semester, I thought it would be a nice little cake walk -- because I deserve cake. 12 hours of getting my learn on and it would be fun.

Not so.

It wasn't that good of an idea to get two writing intensive classes in the same day. I'm writing a billion stories, constantly typing, thinking up other stories and tearing up my brain constantly.

Where's my cake walk?!?!

But I do really enjoy my classes though. It's just not easy.

I saw the Halloween remake a little while ago. It was alright. It was terribly gory; of course it was made by Rob Zombie. There were a lot a stabbings, but that was expected. But there was a few points were I got terribly uncomfortable. I could have done without the bludgeoning.


Also, my British journal reading with be on hold for a bit while my art professor looks over it. It was for a grade and such.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A List to End/Start all Lists

For those of you that don't know me real well: I make lists, lots of lists. I make lists of lists. I make lists of lists I will make some day. Some are mental, some physical.

You get the idea.

So, among these lists is a list of "Things I don't like to see." Today, I was able to add to this list.

Things I don't like to see:
A guy running out of a building wearing safety goggles and booking it so fast that you can see the veins popping out of his neck.

When I saw this mystery goggles wearing guy booking across campus, I was tempted to book it out of there myself. No good can come of this.

And speaking of lists, there's a list running around that people make of "Things most people don't know about you." And since it's near orgasmic for me to make lists, here's mine:

Things most people don't know about you:
I'm afraid of (in varying forms of terror):
spiders, most bugs, loneliness, needles, hospitals, pregnant women and driving on tall bridges and overpasses.

Those last two aren't so much as a fear, as they just freak me out. The pregnant thing probably stems from the fact that I liken babies to parasites. I can't really figure out the bridge/overpass thing -- I'm not afraid of heights. I can drive over them and feel extremely anxious, but when someone else is driving, I can't look out the window at all. My skin gets all tingly and last time it happened, I cried.

No, I don't know what's wrong with me. Please stop asking.

Note to self: I need to acquire a Pimp Hat.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rants of a Sick Person part two

Wow.... feeling much better. Granted I still can't take the stairs without feeling winded and like my head is going to explode but it is certainly much better than yesterday, when I was actually clinging to the railing for dear life.

That was just plain embarrassing.

So I certainly recommend Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Night: after about 20 minutes of taking it, I felt giddy, happy and sleepy. I don't even remember falling asleep. Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Day seems to be working alright too. I don't feel completely better, but I'm not going to throw myself out the window anymore.

I'm still pale but certainly much more chipper.

And yes, I do realize that Claritin is really made for allergies and not so much for colds, but I only bought it at the recommendation of the pharmacist. Damn her. I'll have her head for this!

On a lighter note, I'll be setting up a Flickr account once I get a few more pictures done and finish up some of my clay charms (which will be up for sale by the way, hint hint).

P.S. for cute cat pictures like the one featured above, go to icanhascheezburger.com. It's brightened up many a day for me

Friday, August 31, 2007

Rants of a Sick Person part one

Although I am a bit of a Socialist, (I think it would be a good idea to take care of the entire community versus just looking out for the rich guy) I was raised to be a proper Capitalist/Consumer whore. I thrive with choices. But there comes a time when I could really do without...

It really shouldn't take me twenty minutes to choose cold medicine.

It takes me no time at all to choose tissues re: Kleenex with lotion, or cream cheese re: Philadelphia. However, the sick stuff aisle has become a veritable black hole for me.

I would appreciate a brand called 'If You Feel Like Crap, Pick Me,' and then I would pick it. Because I do feel like crap.... and other four letter words that come to mind.

And there isn't just one type of meds that covers everything... NO, that would be too easy. One type covers some symptoms and other types cover other symptoms. What do they want me to do? Buy and take all of them? That's just an overdose waiting to happen.

I have every symptom in the world and I want them to go away!

Eventually, I had to throw myself at the shelf and hope I grabbed something good. So, I'll be reporting back on the working abilities of Tylenol Cold Day and Night. This pack has some day pills and some night pills. Hopefully this will work better than what I took yesterday. I still couldn't breathe and woke up with my pillow covered in sick-drool.

This was not fun.

Oh and by the way: don't buy Claritin. (unless it works for you) For me, Claritin is nothing but a 24 hour 'I'm going to piss you off because I'm not going to work, you're not going to breathe, you will develop the most random pains known to man and you can't take anything else because that would overdose you and you might die.'

I hate taking medicine; I only do it if I have to.

I'm putting my kitchy international journal reading on hold until I'm feeling better... and when my watery eyes can focus on letters. (It took me a long time to write this blog correctly)

Ugh, now I'm getting dizzy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, has anyone else had their toes photographed before?
No? Well, here's a little story...

My mum and I were eating in the mall food court before going through a round of shopping. While walking out of the food court, we were flagged down by a near-frantic woman clutching a tiny camera.

CW (camera woman): I'm sorry to bother you, but can I take a picture of your toes?

Me: uhhh....

CW: You see, my daughter is going over to Iraq and she was admiring your toes while we were eating. She is making a booklet of toes to take with her and was wondering if she could add your toes to it.

Me (feeling something between flattery and being horrified): uhh... sure...

So she took a picture of my toes and we went on our way.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to think about that. But when she asked to photograph my toes, the first thing I thought of was the Chappelle Show sketch with the cute hispanic guy saying, "Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, here's more kitchy goodness from my London journal:

16 July

I just met George, one of our cleaning guys. Although I suspect that his name is maybe Jorge, because of his Spanish accent and the fact that he said that 'George' was what his friends called him. He was really nice and didn't believe that I was from America; he thought I was from either India or the West Indies. He lived in New York for a few year; I told him that I liked London way better than New York.
It must be the people. :)

18 July

Today my class went to Hampton Court Palace, a palace where Henry VIII lived for a bit. It was beautiful: there was a fragrant rose garden, gorgeous stained glass and interesting tidbits on Henry's wives (a subject I really enjoy). Sadly, a lot of the rooms were off limits to photography, especially the rooms with the stained glass. The girls and I went through the maze on the palace grounds. It took me awhile to realize that after I reached the middle, that the entrance as also the exit! I ended up passing it twice.

20 July
I ate a mulberry from the mulberry tree at Hogarth's house (an artist). Mulberries are pretty good, I wonder if I can grow one when I get my own house. After getting back, I met up with some other people to go to the Harry Potter book opening(rabid fangirl-ness). I didn't originally plan on buying the book - I had already ordered one through Amazon - but there wasn't anything else up for sale as everything else was roped off; so I ended up getting another book anyway. The price was good.
It was a really interesting experience (such as cheering/screaming 'Rubbish! Rubbish!' at a rubbish truck driving by) and I met some really interesting people - Una and Janice from Ireland. I loved their accents! They were in London for theater internships. I learned that there's no postal codes/zip codes in Ireland and they don't pronounce Z as 'zee', they said 'zed'; so it's not 'A through Z', it's 'A through Zed.'
There were a bunch of people dressed up, some better than others.
Catherine, Maddie and I stumbled back to the dorms around 3.30; we were so tired, but happy with our books. :D

More kitchy goodness later, and kitchy France-ness too.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Turbulence is not my friend

So, I'm back. And I must say that I throughly enjoyed England. So much that I will sell a kidney to get back.

Well.... someone else's kidney... I don't like pain.

I didn't post while over there because I didn't have easy access to picture I love peppering my blog with. That, and the fact that I was constantly busy and running off to do a billion things.

Have no fear, I'm going to post some excerpts from my journal to give you a real sense of what was going on while I was over there. Do forgive the kitchy-ness. So, on to the excerpts:

6 July
So, Fran Drescher sat behind me on the flight to Atlanta. Not really, but I swear she sounded just like her: the laugh, the voice, everything. Although she didn't look like her.
As we got closer to the Atlanta airport, I looked out the window and spotted a highway. Suddenly, my head was filled with the music from Tetris. Lucky for me, I have a nice lump of video game music on my mp3 player.

8 July
Most of the buildings here are old and gorgeous and the streets are packed with interesting people from all over, like Africa and Korea, as well as the lovely Brits. The scenery totally reminds me of Massachusetts... or should I say Massachusetts reminds me of here since England was first then New England was made. We (Stephanie and I) walked back to the dormitory and crossed over Waterloo Bridge, with its gorgeous view of the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Palace. I wonder if Londoners get disenchanted with the view?
The weather? Let's just say that England is fabulous during the summer.

9 July
The girls and I rode the Tube to Oxford Circus and I bought a breast cancer donation pin in TopShop. Now I support boobie awareness in the US and in England. Then we went into a pharmacy where we met a cashier who poses for the Rock impersonator shots. He was really excited that we were from the US. He exclaimed "I love my American customers!" We love you too, Rock impersonator dude.

11 July
(One of my more busy days)
My London alive tour today was awesome! We walked around Parliment and Big Ben, walked through the barracks of the Royal Cavalry(horse guards), saw Westminster Abbey, walked through St. James's Park, caught a glimpse of Buckingham Palace, saw St. James's Palace and walked to Trafalgar Square. There's a legend that if you climb one of the bronze lions there, then you are destined to return to London. Not only did I climb one, I also have photographic proof! It was really scary and quite a feat to get up there; the things were huge! We had to do that silly cheerleader thing were you make a basket with your hands and one person puts their foot in the basket and jumps up. I skinned my elbow tackling that lion, but I suppose it's a small price to pay.

12 July
I went to the Tate Modern museum with Danea and made a beeline for the Surrealism section. I got to see 'Celebes' by Max Ernst in person! I was insanely giddy and giggly about it. The art history books do none of these paintings any justice. I'm so jealous of the art students who live here, they don't have to depend on books, they can just pop into the museum.

14 July
I'm already dreading leaving here. One thing I'm really going to miss is being able to walk everywhere, by way of the Underground. When I get home, if I want to go anywhere, I'll have to get gas and drive myself there. Danea and I got our EuroStar passes today for the minibreak. It's going to be neat traveling under the English Channel -- it's like another attraction to visit. Also, I got a discount because 25-year-olds are still considered youths -- Lucky me!!

Alright, enough for now. Off to sell more things on eBay. I've got a laptop and a season of Doctor Who to save up for. :D

Friday, July 6, 2007

T-minus freaking out in a few minutes

Well, this is it. I'll be leaving for jolly old England in a few hours. Absolutely terrified.
Going to be flying over the Atlantic in a big flying box of metal, pain and airplane food.
Nine hours of flying... well actually there's more than that. I have to fly from one airport to the next, wait through a three hour layover and then fly nine hours and who knows how long it will take in Gatwick.

Anywho, I'll be posting interesting stuff when I get the chance; so tune in next time for:

An American Girl in the British Isles and Europe.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

They mostly come out at night... mostly

Man, I want that shirt.

So, I looked up 'addiction' at dictionary.com and the first definition was:
the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Hmm... I maybe addicted to eBay. And not in the standard "I must buy everything!" kinda way. More along the lines of "I must sell everything!" kinda way. I've made $160 so far and I'm loving it. I haven't made much of a dent in my large collection of stuff, (re: pack rat) but I'm getting there. Go to eBay and search for rosethepirate and check out my wares. Beware, there's a lot of rabid fangirl/boy stuff there; but also some neat stuffs too.

On a more annoying note, student loan people have been hassling me non-stop. And these aren't the people who take care of my loans. The people who take care of my loans sent me nice little letters with apples on them. No, these are the people who 'want' to 'take care' of my loan. AKA: they want me monies.
Come on! I haven't graduated/started paying yet!
It was ok at first, when they were nice about it - but now they're calling everyday and being really rude. Since when is it ok to call at 7:30 in the evening? I'm not really comfortable giving out my SS number over the phone to random people and I try to be nice about it. But these people really don't like rejection. Just yesterday, this women accused me of having money to throw around and not liking to save money.

Do what now?

You are talking to the same girl who talks herself into buying things because they're on sale.... used to.... really I'm trying not to... sometimes things are so cute!
And I'm a poor student thank-you-very-much. I, at one time, considered getting big jars, slapping sad faces on them and setting them up at various places to help get money. You know, like the jars with sad babies on them and pull at peoples' heartstrings...

Well, not my heartstrings, but that's probably because I liken babies to parasites, but that's neither here nor there.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sultry Raccoon Eyes

Hah... posting one of my own pictures to perhaps plug my stuff? ...maybe

For those of you that don't know me real well -- I'm a bit of a hypochondriac; and right now I'm imagining (hopefully just imagining) that there's a tumor in the part of my thigh where the thigh meets the hip. Yeah, right there -- cancer everywhere...

And now I can't sleep...

Eyes completely open and freaked out.
I was so close to falling asleep and then, Bam! Cancer scare!
Ugh, I really need someone to talk me down from this scary cancer ledge; I keep shifting between anger and panic and it's not fun.

Now on to delightful distraction:
I should talk about something of some sort of relevance or some current event -- but I don't really keep up with the news, it kinda makes me paranoid.
Honestly, there should be some sort of drug or treatment on the market that will make me sane at least enough to let me sleep.

I've been cleaning all day and tomorrow's outlook looks to be the same -- I require sleep! The past few days have been kinda stressful and I haven't really been averaging the healthy amount of sleep at night. Really, dark bags under the eyes are ok, kinda cute and can even be a little sultry up to a point. Once you begin to be able to park a car in them is a point where it stops being acceptable.

I should sell my stuff -- I wouldn't have to clean so much...
That's actually not a bad idea. Not only do I need to have less stuff, I also need to start making a dent in my humongous student loan debt aka the scary cloud of panic-inducing fright.

Oh crap...

Now the scary cloud of panic-inducing fright has tumors...

It's going to be a long and weird night.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hide your breakable items!! Here I come!

It means three things to me: beaches, grilling and the delicious smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil.
Yeah, I realize that last one is a bit weird but I LOVE that smell.
Given, my naturally tan self needs no suntan oil; you'll find me in Wal-Mart, Target and other stores cracking open the bottle and huffing in the lovely aroma.
I've gotten plenty of weird stares.

This summer however is different. For the entire span of this summer I will be avoiding the sun like the plague - which is depressing, because I love the sun.
The upper part of my back and the backs of my upper arms are really sensitive for some reason and for the past year it's been rejecting my baby fine peach fuzz. In layman's terms: it looks gross; there's weird red spots on my skin and it looks angry.
For the next three months, the nearly $200 of medicine I slather on my angry areas (night and day) says to avoid sun exposure, if I have to be in the sun wear sunscreen, protective clothings and cut my exposure down to a minimum.
So, when I'm walking from my car to a store: I'm running from tree to tree, borrowing their shade or sporting a parasol and constantly knocking things over with it.
Another thing that makes this summer different than any of the rest is the fact that I'll be going to Europe for a month for the British Studies Program.
Whoo! Rocking it in Europe! Watch out Europe and hide all of your breakable items! I might not come back!

Well, no... I will.
I'm graduating next semester, so I might as well come back. But after that, who knows?! There's scholarships for graduates to go over there - I'm just not sure if I want to go to graduate school. :/

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Caution! Serious blogging ahead...

Whatever happened to romance?

I realize that we live in an 'immediate gratification' society, where everyone is trying to beat everyone else to the punch. Where lightning fast internet and up-to-the-minute news isn't fast enough. Where competitiveness is a sport and a much sought after quality.
Myself, I prefer a nice smile and a good sense of humor... that's probably why I would never make it as a retail manager or in any sort of competitive job.

But, I digress...

Whatever happened to slow, soft kisses and holding hands?
They seem to have been replaced with hurrying to stick one's tongue down the other's throat and jumping into bed right after meeting someone.
Call me old fashioned, but it takes more than three dates at allow someone to see the holiest of my holies.

Is chivalry dead? Women blame it on men; men blame it on women.
Honestly, I think it's both. Men think they can get away with things because there are women out there who let them. And the men who act like gentlemen are shunned by some women into acting... well... ungentlemenly.

I like walks along the beach, sitting around in pajamas eating ice creams and watching movies, hugs, shy glances across the room, roses(who knew?), soft-sweet kisses, more hugs, talking for hours, snuggling and of course, romance.

Hello, everyone.
My name is Rose and I'm a love-aholic.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Give me more previews!!

Nothing much going on... watched a few movies: Hot Fuzz, Spider-Man 3, eagerly waiting to watch 28 Weeks Later; there was a main theme among these movies: Hyundai commercials.
Granted, not all movies theaters are the same nor are they going to have the same ridiculous amount of advertisements before the movie, but if anyone patrons a United Artists, The Grand or similar, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
If there's one brand of car I'm not going to get, it's a Hyundai. Not because I've heard bad things about the cars, not because there's any sort of car recall on them; it's because the commercials are so damn pretentious. Every time I see a Hyundai now, I think "What a douche bag."
I've studied different techniques for advertisements, and some of them actually work; but this one isn't working with me. I'm sure that the thought process behind this was, "If we seem really confident, people will trust us and flock to the dealerships." Sure... but you guys just sound like a bunch of jerks.
Especially about the one that was giving you a choice between a Hyundai and a car that could parallel-park itself.

Who wouldn't want a car that parks itself?!?!

Hyundai, you are now on my dislike list.

P.S. I really enjoyed Hot Fuzz.

P.P.S. Cut out the adverts and just give me more previews! Honestly, I could watch previews all day.

P.P.P.S. I love Shadow of the Colossus!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Containing Head-Asplosions

I'm sick....
I'm so sick....
And not only am I sick.... I'm also sick and tired.
So sick and tired that not even grilled cheese cut in diagonals has fixed it.
It shouldn't be that difficult to be honest with someone.

Seriously now.

What the hell is so wrong with people that you can't be honest with someone. What's worse: taking care of it right from the start and ending it there or avoiding the situation and letting it build and grow until it blows up in everyone's face?
Whatever happened to caring about other peoples' feelings? Or maybe it's just a select few that get the special treatment in that regard. If the latter is true, then make it obvious so that these non-special people don't put their feelings out on a limb. And then feel shock and disappointment when that limb is cut off.

I'm not speaking about one situation in general; this is a generalized reaction to a lot of things going on right now. And these things combined make me really pissy.

That, and the fact that every time I cough, I think a lung is going to come out. And there's mini-asplosions going on in my head.

After I get better, I'll probably look back on this post and cringe. But right now, I feel that it's something that I've got to put out there. And I'm so sick and so annoyed right now that not even cute pictures of kittens can save me now....

No... wait..... yeah, they can. :D

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The incident with the margarine

I love making things through cooking. There’s just something about making something out of ordinary ingredients; about taking things that are just ‘alright’ by themselves and then combining them to make something ‘fabulous.’ Although, I love to cook, I don’t always have the means nor materials to make something. I was never really taught how to cook. When younger, I would just watch my mum make something and go from there. Many of my favorite things to make came from experimenting.

Before heading to work one morning, I decided that I wanted muffins. I love making muffins and cakes. Granted, these sweets normally started in store bought box form, but gradually became something more. These morning muffins were to be cinnamon muffins. The only problem was that I didn’t have vegetable oil. I spied margarine while looking for a substitute. Margarine is called vegetable spread. So, I made the connection and substituted margarine.

When it was time for them to be done, I noticed that they weren’t browned enough. So, I left them in for another five minutes.

And then another 10 after that.

And then another five.

After awhile, I stopped counting and just watched them.

When they were brown enough to my liking, I set them out to cool.

A few minutes later I bit into one expecting cinnamon-y goodness and instead getting a gooey mess.

What happened? Where did I go wrong?

I found out later that substituting margarine was a good move.

The problem was that I was substituting a solid for a liquid.

I was supposed to melt the margarine down first.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A hop, a skip and four days

Alone, the past few days have been semi-standard. Combined, the past few days look like some sort of downward spiral into something indescribable -- just how I like it.
On Tuesday, the sky decided to brake itself and pour for most of the day. While I didn't break anything, I did wander about with a broken umbrella (I didn't break it!).
On Wednesday, I noticed the day was going to turn out a little odd when I yanked off the hot water knob for the shower. Scalding water for everyone!
On Thursday, I took a test in Spanish where I was told to give my professor directions without taking any right turns. The "no right turns" part wasn't actually part of the exam, I just couldn't remember how to say "right" in Spanish.
Today, on my way to work I almost got into an accident that would have dissolved into a slapsies fight between me and a geriatric.

Ok, so not really a downward spiral... more like a clogged drain. Nothing of real interest has happened this week, at least none that I am privy to speak of (Oooohh!! Secrets! Intrigue!).

Monday, April 9, 2007

Oh Cadbury... how could you?!?

On on terribly sad note...
So, those of you that don't know, Cadbury eggs are getting smaller -- much to the denial of Cadbury themselves. B.J. Novak was on Conan last night and gave proof of such. Thanks to YesButNoButYes.com for showing me the light. Head on over there for a clip of the conspiracy.
On a much lighter note...
I signed up for me classes. 12 hours is so so nice. It's my last semester, I deserve a cakewalk... or just a cake... or both. :D
On a much more frustrated note...
I signed up for me dorm room. Private room of course; I certainly wasn't going to go through having to fight over the heater again in the middle of the burning, melting summer. Honestly, if it's 80 degrees outside, it doesn't need to be 85 degrees inside. I'm not looking forward to community bathrooms again. ::shudder shudder shudder::
On a much tastier note...
Cadbury Roses = gimme gimme!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Introductions are in order

It's Easter, so here's an appropriate Easter picture.
Honestly, when I named this blog, I thought the title sounded funny as most people who know me would understand what it meant... but now that I look at it, it seems almost depressing.
But I assure you, this blog will be anything but depressing -- in fact it'll have a lot of ridiculous little pictures of cats with macroed text in it, a little insight into my life... and a list of things I've broken for that day (literally or figuratively).
I'm clumsy. I can't help it, I was born that way.