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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, has anyone else had their toes photographed before?
No? Well, here's a little story...

My mum and I were eating in the mall food court before going through a round of shopping. While walking out of the food court, we were flagged down by a near-frantic woman clutching a tiny camera.

CW (camera woman): I'm sorry to bother you, but can I take a picture of your toes?

Me: uhhh....

CW: You see, my daughter is going over to Iraq and she was admiring your toes while we were eating. She is making a booklet of toes to take with her and was wondering if she could add your toes to it.

Me (feeling something between flattery and being horrified): uhh... sure...

So she took a picture of my toes and we went on our way.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to think about that. But when she asked to photograph my toes, the first thing I thought of was the Chappelle Show sketch with the cute hispanic guy saying, "Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, here's more kitchy goodness from my London journal:

16 July

I just met George, one of our cleaning guys. Although I suspect that his name is maybe Jorge, because of his Spanish accent and the fact that he said that 'George' was what his friends called him. He was really nice and didn't believe that I was from America; he thought I was from either India or the West Indies. He lived in New York for a few year; I told him that I liked London way better than New York.
It must be the people. :)

18 July

Today my class went to Hampton Court Palace, a palace where Henry VIII lived for a bit. It was beautiful: there was a fragrant rose garden, gorgeous stained glass and interesting tidbits on Henry's wives (a subject I really enjoy). Sadly, a lot of the rooms were off limits to photography, especially the rooms with the stained glass. The girls and I went through the maze on the palace grounds. It took me awhile to realize that after I reached the middle, that the entrance as also the exit! I ended up passing it twice.

20 July
I ate a mulberry from the mulberry tree at Hogarth's house (an artist). Mulberries are pretty good, I wonder if I can grow one when I get my own house. After getting back, I met up with some other people to go to the Harry Potter book opening(rabid fangirl-ness). I didn't originally plan on buying the book - I had already ordered one through Amazon - but there wasn't anything else up for sale as everything else was roped off; so I ended up getting another book anyway. The price was good.
It was a really interesting experience (such as cheering/screaming 'Rubbish! Rubbish!' at a rubbish truck driving by) and I met some really interesting people - Una and Janice from Ireland. I loved their accents! They were in London for theater internships. I learned that there's no postal codes/zip codes in Ireland and they don't pronounce Z as 'zee', they said 'zed'; so it's not 'A through Z', it's 'A through Zed.'
There were a bunch of people dressed up, some better than others.
Catherine, Maddie and I stumbled back to the dorms around 3.30; we were so tired, but happy with our books. :D

More kitchy goodness later, and kitchy France-ness too.

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