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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foodie tears

Today was the last day of the old apartment. I couldn't help but get a bit choked up last night, as I did my last free-ish load of laundry... which then led into a boo-hoo session covering all kinds of topics.

On a lighter subject: in addition to Manhattan-hotdog guy being back at his usual spot at the corner of Broadway Drive and Timothy Lane, El Taco Loco is reopening today. I'm definitely going back to see if this new management is up to snuff.... and by up to snuff, (whatever that means) I clearly mean whether or not they will be serving melon water.
Melon water is awesome, btw.
Granted, I could make my own melon water... but it's the principle behind the whole deal.

And what is it about figuring out what my next step should be that makes it so hard?!
I currently have two clear-ish paths: get my masters in teaching English as a foreign language (or in Art History) and try to work as a community college professor OR get my medical laboratory technology degree and get a pretty much guaranteed job as an MLT at clinics, labs, hospitals, etc......
But I can't decide what to start first..... or whether to even start at all!

In the end, I'm not even sure that's what I want to do with my life.
I find both subjects incredibly interesting, which is a big deal because I can't stand being bored at my place of employment. But what if I never find what it is that keeps me from simply going into work and wishing for the weekend everyday?

Or does that even exist?

Fake edit: now that the whole moving process is over with (except for the endless amounts of boxes everywhere) I will be getting serious about working towards my MLT degree... I think.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Smiling Sundays

The human spirit makes me smile.
Instead of unpacking boxes, I sat in front of my computer screen, mesmerized by the works of artists with disabilities.
Mouth painters, foot painters, autistic savants, visually impaired artists; they amaze me all.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Jessica Park
Michael Monaco

Keith Salmon

and Stephen Wiltshire

Arielle Dombasle has made me smile for years, but I was reminded of this video recently, which made me smile today. Enjoy!

Like what you hear? Check out more Airelle here and here.
And if you're incredibly kind (or just have money to spend) send a few tunes my way!

These make me giggle.
Check out more fun photog things here.

Also, in no particular order:
sitting back on a lazy Sunday while soaking up some sun, walking around my new neighborhood while gawking at all the lovely houses I couldn't own and enjoying good food, good tunes, good reads and good video games!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hourglass girl

Today was lovely: got some shopping done with my sister, purchased a puffy queen-size bed, chatted with Mum and snuggled with the kitties. And had a Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger from Hardee's (which are freaking delicious btw!).
This also marks the last few days of the old apartment. (last day is March 31)

You'll notice a new button on my blog depicting my bodytype.
To get your own, head on over to Cardigan Empire and read up on your own bodytype and get a button to show it off!
For those of you that are blessed with the 'mythical curves' of an hourglass, read up on more tips from Cardigan Empire on ways to wear our shape better here and here.
And for more hourglass stuff, head over here and here.
(as a side note, can someone explain why her butt is hanging out here. I don't understand the purpose other than to show off a magical derriere.)

And has anyone else checked this out?
How lovely is it to be able to enjoy the sounds of a rainstorm while you sleep without the hassle of a soggy morning and bad drivers?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, that sucked... until it didn't

While planting rose bushes last night, I got called back into work and found out that my favorite coworker was let go.
Now who is going to get my weird jokes and tell me about spooky things and entertain me with cool trivia?
Who's going to randomly fix my keyboard when I was resigned to the fact that it was broken?
Who's going to answer my crazy questions?

I have no idea what happened or what caused it, but I want to call him and offer my condolences and a free commiserating session.
..... and also to ask that he doesn't shoot me if he goes on a rampage. (just kidding, just kidding, lol)

I awoke early this morning (re: 2 a.m.) to the sound of my upstairs neighbor moving stuff around and stomping about. Seriously? WTF

While looking up reference photos to use as models on a project, I come across a ridiculous-looking photo. Curious about what kind of context this photo is to be taken in. Turns out it's a guy's profile picture on an online dating site. Which brings me to the conclusion that he didn't ask any of his friends to give recommendations on which photo to use.
I would post the photo, but I'm feeling a bit generous and don't want to COMPLETELY embarrass the guy.
But! I will describe in detail:
The photo itself is pretty much a headshot. The guy has a 'surly, trying to be sexy' David Copperfield-look. Though this guy is actually a bit attractive, which (in my opinion) David Copperfield is not.
So, you've got this surly look.... AND a tarantula. He's got a tarantula, sitting in his hand, right below his chin.
Don't know about you, but this is not a turn on for me.

Don't get me wrong, it's cool that he's got an exotic pet. But really? In the photo? For a dating site?

The furry babies are coming home tomorrow! And! I'll be possibly getting a bigger bed over the weekend!
After sleeping in a twin for the last 2 1/2 years, I'll finally have a grown up bed!
I feel so grown up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Unbelievable kindness, smiling intrigue

Bah! I missed posting a Smiling Sunday post, but for good reason. ::wicked grin::

So, I'll try to make it up with a multi-part post today.

Unbelievable kindness.
A sincere hug. A kiss of appreciation. A kind word.
These things make my heart swell with warmth that I'm worried it might burst.

* While changing over my service due to my move to a new apartment, the Comcast lady wished me luck on my move. (which was probably a good customer service move, but still)
* While calling Unemployment to let them know that I was now employed, they congratulated me. (which was probably part of their job, but still)
* After offering condolences and tried to cheer up an elderly customer whom had always been extremely kind to me (especially when I first started at the bank) after learning of the death of her husband, she thanked me and told me that she loved me, which quickly brought me to tears.
* The simple act of handholding (timeless, sweet, kind)

Things that make me smile:

A bakery in town, which has been satisfying my want for petit fours has started offering macaron tops for 65 cents a piece.
Delicious, crisp, delicate, f-ing tasty!
My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

I'm probably going to end up buying like a million of them on my lunch break tomorrow. I just hope that I don't shove them all into my mouth and die of a macaron overload. (though that wouldn't be such a bad way to go)

Seeing people not give up on what they want.

And pretty much all of Sunday made me smile.

Also, intrigue!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Know what I love?

I love a good intrigue.
And it seems that Tilda Swinton's new movie I Am Love will have loads of it along with beautiful scenery and steamy romance.

Have a look:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smiling Sundays

My head has been pounding all day with a migraine; this is what Spring Daylight Savings does to me!
So, do forgive me for having a short post today.

First up: an adorable giveaway by Ruby Rouge. Ends March 29, so hurry over.

Next up is lacy camisoles for your feet! How cute and elegant at the same time.
Visit Voet Hosiery for "lingerie for your toes."

Moving in has picked up its pace, with plans to move the larger stuff (bed, tv, bureau, lrg. bookcase) Saturday. As the time gets closer to living comfortably with my loving furbabies, I find that I also want to take better care of myself knowing that my cats will love me unconditionally.
....why can't I love myself like that too?

Anywho, here's some other things that make me smile:

This one's pretty obvious..... 

In three days, I'll finally have my own copy of this movie!

Love notes....

... and petit fours

yum yum!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The invention of the cell phone has completely changed the way the world communicates... and not always for the better.

The lyrics of Telephone by Lady GaGa reflect this: she's busy, she's out with friends, she can't hear you, she should have left her phone at home, it's not that she doesn't like you, she's just kinda busy.
Get the hint, you called, she didn't answer, leave a message and leave it at that.

If you're on the phone every minute of the day, you'll run out of things to talk about.
When you finally meet up with the person you're talking to, what else will you have to say?

Also, when you go into a store, business, etc., it's incredibly rude to the cashier/sales associate/bank teller, to talk (re: yell) (re: re: talk loudly about the pimples on your butt that no one wants to hear about) on the phone while they are trying to help you.

It makes me believe that there may be some sort of security issue; that these people can't handle being out in public/interacting with others/want to look very important, so they talk on the phone to get past this. But seriously, what is the problem?

Unglue the phone from your ear and hand and talk to the people in front of you.

...also this is partly an excuse to post Lady GaGa's newest video.
Very much loving it. Makes me want to wear brightly colored ensembles and dance around with my own backup dance crew.

Watch and enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Found this "29 Things you're too old for by the age of 29" on the Frisky.
Not sure I agree with a lot of the choices.
So I edited it using my own little color key:

You are now too old to...

  1. Wear headbands, head-to-toe pink, and cheerleader skirts  (headbands are always acceptable)
  2. Celebrate your birthday on more than one day  (sometimes, I like to celebrate mine for an entire week!)
  3. Reminisce about college  (what? I had some really good times)
  4. Reminisce about the college you never attended  (who does that?)
  5. Send cryptic messages to people via Facebook and Twitter (huh?!?)
  6. Think of your high school boyfriend as the one who got away  (gross!!!!)
  7. Refer to any boyfriend from that long ago by the era he’s associated with—no one cares that you dated Josh the summer after your freshman year at community college  (then how do you keep them straight when telling a story?)
  8. Wear holiday-themed outfits, like pastels and bows on Easter and red and green plaid on Christmas (depends on the outfit)
  9. Quote self-help books and/or “Sex and the City” episodes—unless it’s in a mocking fashion (huh?!)
  10. Decorate your apartment from Pottery Barn Teen and/or Urban Outfitters (yeah, there are much, much more neat places to get your decor from. Like here)
  11. Put up posters with tape or thumbtacks instead of frames (you preserve your posters better in frames too)
  12. Attend concerts featuring anyone who wasn’t born by the year you started college (i.e., Justin Bieber) unless you are escorting a much younger family member  (i suppose that acceptable... unless, of course, they're some sort of child prodigy)
  13. Olsen Twin movie marathons (that's just gross)
  14. Calling men “boys” on a regular basis  (that's just how I talk! I also call women 'girls.' and when talking to a group of people, i say 'guys.')
  15. Say or write “LOL”  (texting or messaging 'lol' is alright. if you say it out loud, there's totally something wrong)
  16. Tote your dog around everywhere, unless you are blind and he/she is a seeing-eye dog  (if it's small enough, it's actually kinda cute and people gush about it. however, EVERYWHERE is probably not a good idea)
  17. Want to be treated like a princess, to live life like it’s a fairytale and to be looking for your Prince Charming  (who doesn't do this? maybe not in this literal of sense, but in some way, don't all girls want to be treated like a princess at some point? and who doesn't want a prince charming? would you rather a drunk hobo?)
  18. Own teddy bears and other stuffed animals, unless you have one (singular!) that is left over from your childhood that holds a lot of sentimental value  (shut the hell up. i have tons of plushies)
  19. Call your father “daddy”  (yeah, i can see how that can be creepy)
  20. Subscribe to teen magazines, unless you work as a writer specializing in teen issues  (also creepy)
  21. Spend more than one hour on the phone with a friend, unless she truly is in a crisis or you haven’t talked to her in over a year and need to catch up  (they might have some important story to tell!)
  22. Have your parents pay your bills, unless it’s your student loans and they insist OR you’re going through a short, temporary rough financial patch  (truth.... also, you shouldn't be living with your parents either... unless going through a rough patch)
  23. Consider a haircut a huge massive change of epic proportions, unless it’s a post-breakup haircut and you write one measly essay about the subject  (i don't know... if you change from long, past-shoulder length locks to a buzzcut... that's got to be a major change)
  24. Consider your hair color to be a significant part of your identity, unless you’re a redhead  (lol)
  25. Talk about how OMG wasted you got last night, like having a hangover makes you cool  (f-ing signed. i am so tired of hearing from people my age that act like they're crappy frat boys and think drinking liquor is so cool and will get them friends)
  26. Lay out in the sun without sunscreen  (that's just stupid and dangerous)
  27. Sit on anyone’s lap, unless you’re trying to fit five people in a taxi that sits four  (unless you're about to... you know... then it's kinda sexy)
  28. Wear glasses for “fashion” when you don’t have a prescription or vision issues  (while some people actually look better with glasses on.... most of the time, i will agree with this)
  29. Feel any shame or embarrassment about masturbating  (thank you. you shouldn't)
But you're never to old to...
  1. Consider your dog your best friend  (or cat, mind you!)
  2. Call your mom for advice  (she's also my best friend)
  3. A one-night-stand (huh?! this one i don't understand. perhaps someone who has had a one night stand will have to explain this to me)
  4. Ask for someone’s help—financial, emotional, whatever—when you really need it  (yup)
  5. Discover your passion in life  (yup)
  6. Eat breakfast for dinner  (yum!)
  7. Sleep in past 11 a.m.  (zzzzz.....)
  8. A nap  (more zzzzz.....)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Smiling Sunday and Giveaways

I really enjoyed doing the Smiling Sunday last week. And while I'm hesitant to say that I'm going to do it each week... I'm just going to say that I'm going to TRY to do it each week.

So for this week, I've combed through the interwebs and found some excellent giveaways (because giveaways are an easy thing to make me smile.)
Here's a few that I've entered and I think you should too!

This tee is hilarious, and is absolutely me. It might be absolutely you too!
Head on over to Akane Designs, which is joining with fellow Etsy seller Herrohachi, and sign up for this giveaway.

How cute are these little earrings?!
Trudie Davies Designs is giving everyone a chance to win them.

Everyone knows that crabs make me smile. Only the Best of Etsy has teamed up with fellow Etsy seller Amiefengshui to bring a lucky person this cute bag.

And who can resist the cuteness that is Happy Snail necklace. Certainly not me! Fellow Etsy seller MaryMaryHandmade is participating in another giveaway, this time with Concrete and Nail Polish for a chance to win some cute!

I like typewriters. I like jewelry. What a perfect combination!
Judith Designs has redone their shop front and wants a few critiques. With your critique, you're entered into possibly winning this necklace! Easy, no?

And finally, So about what I said... is giving a reader a chance to win some cards from CardsInk. And who wouldn't want some? The designs are too cute and everyone (I know I do!) loves getting cards, be it for a special occasion or just because .

Alright, guys.., get out there and win some stuff!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Join me

While scouring the interwebs, I've come across a few giveaways and I'm extending the offers on to you!

Westervin is sponsoring a giveaway with Maranon. They are offering this lovely embroidered peacock fan necklace.
Check it out here.

Bonjour Pierre is giving away one of four candy colored goodies over here.
Check it out before March 5.

How neat are these?! Try to win one of these neat necklaces here.
Check it out before March 15.

I still haven't gotten around to watching this, but lookie here! A chance to win it!
Check it out before March 14.

Looking for an impressive watch? Check here for a chance to win an Orient watch. Check it out before March 12.

With all these neat giveaways, I'll have to start one up myself!
Good luck!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Currently loving

Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I've always been complimented on my smooth complexion. And I'll admit, it's rare a blemish pops up on my caramel skin.

However, I do have a problem with dry patches and cracking, especially during the cold months. My poor hands get the brunt of all blows, leaving them absolutely pitiful looking after a day of work.

I'm also a bit of a consumer junkie and bright packaging and consumer promises have led me down some disappointing paths.
Thankfully, the last time I stopped by Target I wasn't disappointed with what I picked up.

Sweet and unassuming, I've glanced at and walked by these products many a time, not thinking too much about it. Yet, when I was hovering around Target Pharmacy, I noticed a travel-sized container perfect for testing out this cute and intriguing product.

And I wasn't disappointed.
The container says deliciously rich and, for once, the packaging isn't lying! The body butter feels lovely on my skin. (as a matter of fact, I'm currently running my fingertips across my cheek because of how silky this makes my skin feel)
And the scent isn't overly pungent. It's a floaty, airy sweet smell, not unreminiscent of carrot cake...

Now if only they offered lip balms, I'd be able to feed my dry lips....

Oh, holy carrot cake! They do!

Speaking of carrot cake.....

Also currently loving:

via Mandee

via Michael Kors at Zappos

This blazer and these boots via net-a-porter.com

via J Crew