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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hourglass girl

Today was lovely: got some shopping done with my sister, purchased a puffy queen-size bed, chatted with Mum and snuggled with the kitties. And had a Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger from Hardee's (which are freaking delicious btw!).
This also marks the last few days of the old apartment. (last day is March 31)

You'll notice a new button on my blog depicting my bodytype.
To get your own, head on over to Cardigan Empire and read up on your own bodytype and get a button to show it off!
For those of you that are blessed with the 'mythical curves' of an hourglass, read up on more tips from Cardigan Empire on ways to wear our shape better here and here.
And for more hourglass stuff, head over here and here.
(as a side note, can someone explain why her butt is hanging out here. I don't understand the purpose other than to show off a magical derriere.)

And has anyone else checked this out?
How lovely is it to be able to enjoy the sounds of a rainstorm while you sleep without the hassle of a soggy morning and bad drivers?

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