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Friday, August 31, 2007

Rants of a Sick Person part one

Although I am a bit of a Socialist, (I think it would be a good idea to take care of the entire community versus just looking out for the rich guy) I was raised to be a proper Capitalist/Consumer whore. I thrive with choices. But there comes a time when I could really do without...

It really shouldn't take me twenty minutes to choose cold medicine.

It takes me no time at all to choose tissues re: Kleenex with lotion, or cream cheese re: Philadelphia. However, the sick stuff aisle has become a veritable black hole for me.

I would appreciate a brand called 'If You Feel Like Crap, Pick Me,' and then I would pick it. Because I do feel like crap.... and other four letter words that come to mind.

And there isn't just one type of meds that covers everything... NO, that would be too easy. One type covers some symptoms and other types cover other symptoms. What do they want me to do? Buy and take all of them? That's just an overdose waiting to happen.

I have every symptom in the world and I want them to go away!

Eventually, I had to throw myself at the shelf and hope I grabbed something good. So, I'll be reporting back on the working abilities of Tylenol Cold Day and Night. This pack has some day pills and some night pills. Hopefully this will work better than what I took yesterday. I still couldn't breathe and woke up with my pillow covered in sick-drool.

This was not fun.

Oh and by the way: don't buy Claritin. (unless it works for you) For me, Claritin is nothing but a 24 hour 'I'm going to piss you off because I'm not going to work, you're not going to breathe, you will develop the most random pains known to man and you can't take anything else because that would overdose you and you might die.'

I hate taking medicine; I only do it if I have to.

I'm putting my kitchy international journal reading on hold until I'm feeling better... and when my watery eyes can focus on letters. (It took me a long time to write this blog correctly)

Ugh, now I'm getting dizzy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, has anyone else had their toes photographed before?
No? Well, here's a little story...

My mum and I were eating in the mall food court before going through a round of shopping. While walking out of the food court, we were flagged down by a near-frantic woman clutching a tiny camera.

CW (camera woman): I'm sorry to bother you, but can I take a picture of your toes?

Me: uhhh....

CW: You see, my daughter is going over to Iraq and she was admiring your toes while we were eating. She is making a booklet of toes to take with her and was wondering if she could add your toes to it.

Me (feeling something between flattery and being horrified): uhh... sure...

So she took a picture of my toes and we went on our way.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to think about that. But when she asked to photograph my toes, the first thing I thought of was the Chappelle Show sketch with the cute hispanic guy saying, "Hell yeah, I suck toes!!"

So, here's more kitchy goodness from my London journal:

16 July

I just met George, one of our cleaning guys. Although I suspect that his name is maybe Jorge, because of his Spanish accent and the fact that he said that 'George' was what his friends called him. He was really nice and didn't believe that I was from America; he thought I was from either India or the West Indies. He lived in New York for a few year; I told him that I liked London way better than New York.
It must be the people. :)

18 July

Today my class went to Hampton Court Palace, a palace where Henry VIII lived for a bit. It was beautiful: there was a fragrant rose garden, gorgeous stained glass and interesting tidbits on Henry's wives (a subject I really enjoy). Sadly, a lot of the rooms were off limits to photography, especially the rooms with the stained glass. The girls and I went through the maze on the palace grounds. It took me awhile to realize that after I reached the middle, that the entrance as also the exit! I ended up passing it twice.

20 July
I ate a mulberry from the mulberry tree at Hogarth's house (an artist). Mulberries are pretty good, I wonder if I can grow one when I get my own house. After getting back, I met up with some other people to go to the Harry Potter book opening(rabid fangirl-ness). I didn't originally plan on buying the book - I had already ordered one through Amazon - but there wasn't anything else up for sale as everything else was roped off; so I ended up getting another book anyway. The price was good.
It was a really interesting experience (such as cheering/screaming 'Rubbish! Rubbish!' at a rubbish truck driving by) and I met some really interesting people - Una and Janice from Ireland. I loved their accents! They were in London for theater internships. I learned that there's no postal codes/zip codes in Ireland and they don't pronounce Z as 'zee', they said 'zed'; so it's not 'A through Z', it's 'A through Zed.'
There were a bunch of people dressed up, some better than others.
Catherine, Maddie and I stumbled back to the dorms around 3.30; we were so tired, but happy with our books. :D

More kitchy goodness later, and kitchy France-ness too.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Turbulence is not my friend

So, I'm back. And I must say that I throughly enjoyed England. So much that I will sell a kidney to get back.

Well.... someone else's kidney... I don't like pain.

I didn't post while over there because I didn't have easy access to picture I love peppering my blog with. That, and the fact that I was constantly busy and running off to do a billion things.

Have no fear, I'm going to post some excerpts from my journal to give you a real sense of what was going on while I was over there. Do forgive the kitchy-ness. So, on to the excerpts:

6 July
So, Fran Drescher sat behind me on the flight to Atlanta. Not really, but I swear she sounded just like her: the laugh, the voice, everything. Although she didn't look like her.
As we got closer to the Atlanta airport, I looked out the window and spotted a highway. Suddenly, my head was filled with the music from Tetris. Lucky for me, I have a nice lump of video game music on my mp3 player.

8 July
Most of the buildings here are old and gorgeous and the streets are packed with interesting people from all over, like Africa and Korea, as well as the lovely Brits. The scenery totally reminds me of Massachusetts... or should I say Massachusetts reminds me of here since England was first then New England was made. We (Stephanie and I) walked back to the dormitory and crossed over Waterloo Bridge, with its gorgeous view of the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Palace. I wonder if Londoners get disenchanted with the view?
The weather? Let's just say that England is fabulous during the summer.

9 July
The girls and I rode the Tube to Oxford Circus and I bought a breast cancer donation pin in TopShop. Now I support boobie awareness in the US and in England. Then we went into a pharmacy where we met a cashier who poses for the Rock impersonator shots. He was really excited that we were from the US. He exclaimed "I love my American customers!" We love you too, Rock impersonator dude.

11 July
(One of my more busy days)
My London alive tour today was awesome! We walked around Parliment and Big Ben, walked through the barracks of the Royal Cavalry(horse guards), saw Westminster Abbey, walked through St. James's Park, caught a glimpse of Buckingham Palace, saw St. James's Palace and walked to Trafalgar Square. There's a legend that if you climb one of the bronze lions there, then you are destined to return to London. Not only did I climb one, I also have photographic proof! It was really scary and quite a feat to get up there; the things were huge! We had to do that silly cheerleader thing were you make a basket with your hands and one person puts their foot in the basket and jumps up. I skinned my elbow tackling that lion, but I suppose it's a small price to pay.

12 July
I went to the Tate Modern museum with Danea and made a beeline for the Surrealism section. I got to see 'Celebes' by Max Ernst in person! I was insanely giddy and giggly about it. The art history books do none of these paintings any justice. I'm so jealous of the art students who live here, they don't have to depend on books, they can just pop into the museum.

14 July
I'm already dreading leaving here. One thing I'm really going to miss is being able to walk everywhere, by way of the Underground. When I get home, if I want to go anywhere, I'll have to get gas and drive myself there. Danea and I got our EuroStar passes today for the minibreak. It's going to be neat traveling under the English Channel -- it's like another attraction to visit. Also, I got a discount because 25-year-olds are still considered youths -- Lucky me!!

Alright, enough for now. Off to sell more things on eBay. I've got a laptop and a season of Doctor Who to save up for. :D