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Monday, March 8, 2010


Found this "29 Things you're too old for by the age of 29" on the Frisky.
Not sure I agree with a lot of the choices.
So I edited it using my own little color key:

You are now too old to...

  1. Wear headbands, head-to-toe pink, and cheerleader skirts  (headbands are always acceptable)
  2. Celebrate your birthday on more than one day  (sometimes, I like to celebrate mine for an entire week!)
  3. Reminisce about college  (what? I had some really good times)
  4. Reminisce about the college you never attended  (who does that?)
  5. Send cryptic messages to people via Facebook and Twitter (huh?!?)
  6. Think of your high school boyfriend as the one who got away  (gross!!!!)
  7. Refer to any boyfriend from that long ago by the era he’s associated with—no one cares that you dated Josh the summer after your freshman year at community college  (then how do you keep them straight when telling a story?)
  8. Wear holiday-themed outfits, like pastels and bows on Easter and red and green plaid on Christmas (depends on the outfit)
  9. Quote self-help books and/or “Sex and the City” episodes—unless it’s in a mocking fashion (huh?!)
  10. Decorate your apartment from Pottery Barn Teen and/or Urban Outfitters (yeah, there are much, much more neat places to get your decor from. Like here)
  11. Put up posters with tape or thumbtacks instead of frames (you preserve your posters better in frames too)
  12. Attend concerts featuring anyone who wasn’t born by the year you started college (i.e., Justin Bieber) unless you are escorting a much younger family member  (i suppose that acceptable... unless, of course, they're some sort of child prodigy)
  13. Olsen Twin movie marathons (that's just gross)
  14. Calling men “boys” on a regular basis  (that's just how I talk! I also call women 'girls.' and when talking to a group of people, i say 'guys.')
  15. Say or write “LOL”  (texting or messaging 'lol' is alright. if you say it out loud, there's totally something wrong)
  16. Tote your dog around everywhere, unless you are blind and he/she is a seeing-eye dog  (if it's small enough, it's actually kinda cute and people gush about it. however, EVERYWHERE is probably not a good idea)
  17. Want to be treated like a princess, to live life like it’s a fairytale and to be looking for your Prince Charming  (who doesn't do this? maybe not in this literal of sense, but in some way, don't all girls want to be treated like a princess at some point? and who doesn't want a prince charming? would you rather a drunk hobo?)
  18. Own teddy bears and other stuffed animals, unless you have one (singular!) that is left over from your childhood that holds a lot of sentimental value  (shut the hell up. i have tons of plushies)
  19. Call your father “daddy”  (yeah, i can see how that can be creepy)
  20. Subscribe to teen magazines, unless you work as a writer specializing in teen issues  (also creepy)
  21. Spend more than one hour on the phone with a friend, unless she truly is in a crisis or you haven’t talked to her in over a year and need to catch up  (they might have some important story to tell!)
  22. Have your parents pay your bills, unless it’s your student loans and they insist OR you’re going through a short, temporary rough financial patch  (truth.... also, you shouldn't be living with your parents either... unless going through a rough patch)
  23. Consider a haircut a huge massive change of epic proportions, unless it’s a post-breakup haircut and you write one measly essay about the subject  (i don't know... if you change from long, past-shoulder length locks to a buzzcut... that's got to be a major change)
  24. Consider your hair color to be a significant part of your identity, unless you’re a redhead  (lol)
  25. Talk about how OMG wasted you got last night, like having a hangover makes you cool  (f-ing signed. i am so tired of hearing from people my age that act like they're crappy frat boys and think drinking liquor is so cool and will get them friends)
  26. Lay out in the sun without sunscreen  (that's just stupid and dangerous)
  27. Sit on anyone’s lap, unless you’re trying to fit five people in a taxi that sits four  (unless you're about to... you know... then it's kinda sexy)
  28. Wear glasses for “fashion” when you don’t have a prescription or vision issues  (while some people actually look better with glasses on.... most of the time, i will agree with this)
  29. Feel any shame or embarrassment about masturbating  (thank you. you shouldn't)
But you're never to old to...
  1. Consider your dog your best friend  (or cat, mind you!)
  2. Call your mom for advice  (she's also my best friend)
  3. A one-night-stand (huh?! this one i don't understand. perhaps someone who has had a one night stand will have to explain this to me)
  4. Ask for someone’s help—financial, emotional, whatever—when you really need it  (yup)
  5. Discover your passion in life  (yup)
  6. Eat breakfast for dinner  (yum!)
  7. Sleep in past 11 a.m.  (zzzzz.....)
  8. A nap  (more zzzzz.....)

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Patti said...

This list is well - disappointing - my dad will always be my 'Dadddddyyyyyy'

Oh well, I guess I better use the next 7 months getting my fill-in then!

I have a feeling these rules will mostly be broken in a good first week of 29-hood.