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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smiling Sundays

My head has been pounding all day with a migraine; this is what Spring Daylight Savings does to me!
So, do forgive me for having a short post today.

First up: an adorable giveaway by Ruby Rouge. Ends March 29, so hurry over.

Next up is lacy camisoles for your feet! How cute and elegant at the same time.
Visit Voet Hosiery for "lingerie for your toes."

Moving in has picked up its pace, with plans to move the larger stuff (bed, tv, bureau, lrg. bookcase) Saturday. As the time gets closer to living comfortably with my loving furbabies, I find that I also want to take better care of myself knowing that my cats will love me unconditionally.
....why can't I love myself like that too?

Anywho, here's some other things that make me smile:

This one's pretty obvious..... 

In three days, I'll finally have my own copy of this movie!

Love notes....

... and petit fours

yum yum!

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