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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Caution! Serious blogging ahead...

Whatever happened to romance?

I realize that we live in an 'immediate gratification' society, where everyone is trying to beat everyone else to the punch. Where lightning fast internet and up-to-the-minute news isn't fast enough. Where competitiveness is a sport and a much sought after quality.
Myself, I prefer a nice smile and a good sense of humor... that's probably why I would never make it as a retail manager or in any sort of competitive job.

But, I digress...

Whatever happened to slow, soft kisses and holding hands?
They seem to have been replaced with hurrying to stick one's tongue down the other's throat and jumping into bed right after meeting someone.
Call me old fashioned, but it takes more than three dates at allow someone to see the holiest of my holies.

Is chivalry dead? Women blame it on men; men blame it on women.
Honestly, I think it's both. Men think they can get away with things because there are women out there who let them. And the men who act like gentlemen are shunned by some women into acting... well... ungentlemenly.

I like walks along the beach, sitting around in pajamas eating ice creams and watching movies, hugs, shy glances across the room, roses(who knew?), soft-sweet kisses, more hugs, talking for hours, snuggling and of course, romance.

Hello, everyone.
My name is Rose and I'm a love-aholic.

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