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Friday, June 1, 2007

Hide your breakable items!! Here I come!

It means three things to me: beaches, grilling and the delicious smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil.
Yeah, I realize that last one is a bit weird but I LOVE that smell.
Given, my naturally tan self needs no suntan oil; you'll find me in Wal-Mart, Target and other stores cracking open the bottle and huffing in the lovely aroma.
I've gotten plenty of weird stares.

This summer however is different. For the entire span of this summer I will be avoiding the sun like the plague - which is depressing, because I love the sun.
The upper part of my back and the backs of my upper arms are really sensitive for some reason and for the past year it's been rejecting my baby fine peach fuzz. In layman's terms: it looks gross; there's weird red spots on my skin and it looks angry.
For the next three months, the nearly $200 of medicine I slather on my angry areas (night and day) says to avoid sun exposure, if I have to be in the sun wear sunscreen, protective clothings and cut my exposure down to a minimum.
So, when I'm walking from my car to a store: I'm running from tree to tree, borrowing their shade or sporting a parasol and constantly knocking things over with it.
Another thing that makes this summer different than any of the rest is the fact that I'll be going to Europe for a month for the British Studies Program.
Whoo! Rocking it in Europe! Watch out Europe and hide all of your breakable items! I might not come back!

Well, no... I will.
I'm graduating next semester, so I might as well come back. But after that, who knows?! There's scholarships for graduates to go over there - I'm just not sure if I want to go to graduate school. :/

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