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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sultry Raccoon Eyes

Hah... posting one of my own pictures to perhaps plug my stuff? ...maybe

For those of you that don't know me real well -- I'm a bit of a hypochondriac; and right now I'm imagining (hopefully just imagining) that there's a tumor in the part of my thigh where the thigh meets the hip. Yeah, right there -- cancer everywhere...

And now I can't sleep...

Eyes completely open and freaked out.
I was so close to falling asleep and then, Bam! Cancer scare!
Ugh, I really need someone to talk me down from this scary cancer ledge; I keep shifting between anger and panic and it's not fun.

Now on to delightful distraction:
I should talk about something of some sort of relevance or some current event -- but I don't really keep up with the news, it kinda makes me paranoid.
Honestly, there should be some sort of drug or treatment on the market that will make me sane at least enough to let me sleep.

I've been cleaning all day and tomorrow's outlook looks to be the same -- I require sleep! The past few days have been kinda stressful and I haven't really been averaging the healthy amount of sleep at night. Really, dark bags under the eyes are ok, kinda cute and can even be a little sultry up to a point. Once you begin to be able to park a car in them is a point where it stops being acceptable.

I should sell my stuff -- I wouldn't have to clean so much...
That's actually not a bad idea. Not only do I need to have less stuff, I also need to start making a dent in my humongous student loan debt aka the scary cloud of panic-inducing fright.

Oh crap...

Now the scary cloud of panic-inducing fright has tumors...

It's going to be a long and weird night.

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