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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

Yay! Intergers!

God, I hate math....

So, for some reason, the first week of October has always been a bit of a curse for me in varying levels. Things like getting my period, getting caught in a spontaneous tsunami or just falling up some stairs are alright on their own, but when it comes down to the first week of October, everything seems to be utter crap and all happen within that week.
This week:
Forty million things are due this week alone, I'm riding the crimson tide thus making me a big bag of crazy hormones, my car got sick, I lost my student ID, I'm tired all the time, I missed my chance to see "Sunshine" in the theatre, I can't get my prescription sunglasses because I have to get a new eye exam (and spend another million dollars) because my prescription ran out two days ago, I'm all bloated and pissy, my throat currently hurts, food in the cafeteria has been consistently crappy, I got some harassing phone calls at 4 in the morning the other day and I'm unlovable.

Well, that last one isn't true: I'm very lovable, just currently crabby-er than usual.

On a lighter note, it's almost the middle of the semester and I haven't killed anyone yet! :D

I've been coerced into starting a facebook thingy and started some events heralding my birthday and graduation. Look me up some time: under 'Rose Pendleton' and I have the same profile picture. I should really update those.....

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