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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bludgeoning is painful, m'kay?

Hello, doctor!
Honestly, this guy is too cute.

So, when I signed up my classes for this semester, I thought it would be a nice little cake walk -- because I deserve cake. 12 hours of getting my learn on and it would be fun.

Not so.

It wasn't that good of an idea to get two writing intensive classes in the same day. I'm writing a billion stories, constantly typing, thinking up other stories and tearing up my brain constantly.

Where's my cake walk?!?!

But I do really enjoy my classes though. It's just not easy.

I saw the Halloween remake a little while ago. It was alright. It was terribly gory; of course it was made by Rob Zombie. There were a lot a stabbings, but that was expected. But there was a few points were I got terribly uncomfortable. I could have done without the bludgeoning.


Also, my British journal reading with be on hold for a bit while my art professor looks over it. It was for a grade and such.

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