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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The incident with the margarine

I love making things through cooking. There’s just something about making something out of ordinary ingredients; about taking things that are just ‘alright’ by themselves and then combining them to make something ‘fabulous.’ Although, I love to cook, I don’t always have the means nor materials to make something. I was never really taught how to cook. When younger, I would just watch my mum make something and go from there. Many of my favorite things to make came from experimenting.

Before heading to work one morning, I decided that I wanted muffins. I love making muffins and cakes. Granted, these sweets normally started in store bought box form, but gradually became something more. These morning muffins were to be cinnamon muffins. The only problem was that I didn’t have vegetable oil. I spied margarine while looking for a substitute. Margarine is called vegetable spread. So, I made the connection and substituted margarine.

When it was time for them to be done, I noticed that they weren’t browned enough. So, I left them in for another five minutes.

And then another 10 after that.

And then another five.

After awhile, I stopped counting and just watched them.

When they were brown enough to my liking, I set them out to cool.

A few minutes later I bit into one expecting cinnamon-y goodness and instead getting a gooey mess.

What happened? Where did I go wrong?

I found out later that substituting margarine was a good move.

The problem was that I was substituting a solid for a liquid.

I was supposed to melt the margarine down first.

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