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Friday, April 13, 2007

A hop, a skip and four days

Alone, the past few days have been semi-standard. Combined, the past few days look like some sort of downward spiral into something indescribable -- just how I like it.
On Tuesday, the sky decided to brake itself and pour for most of the day. While I didn't break anything, I did wander about with a broken umbrella (I didn't break it!).
On Wednesday, I noticed the day was going to turn out a little odd when I yanked off the hot water knob for the shower. Scalding water for everyone!
On Thursday, I took a test in Spanish where I was told to give my professor directions without taking any right turns. The "no right turns" part wasn't actually part of the exam, I just couldn't remember how to say "right" in Spanish.
Today, on my way to work I almost got into an accident that would have dissolved into a slapsies fight between me and a geriatric.

Ok, so not really a downward spiral... more like a clogged drain. Nothing of real interest has happened this week, at least none that I am privy to speak of (Oooohh!! Secrets! Intrigue!).

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