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Friday, April 27, 2007

Containing Head-Asplosions

I'm sick....
I'm so sick....
And not only am I sick.... I'm also sick and tired.
So sick and tired that not even grilled cheese cut in diagonals has fixed it.
It shouldn't be that difficult to be honest with someone.

Seriously now.

What the hell is so wrong with people that you can't be honest with someone. What's worse: taking care of it right from the start and ending it there or avoiding the situation and letting it build and grow until it blows up in everyone's face?
Whatever happened to caring about other peoples' feelings? Or maybe it's just a select few that get the special treatment in that regard. If the latter is true, then make it obvious so that these non-special people don't put their feelings out on a limb. And then feel shock and disappointment when that limb is cut off.

I'm not speaking about one situation in general; this is a generalized reaction to a lot of things going on right now. And these things combined make me really pissy.

That, and the fact that every time I cough, I think a lung is going to come out. And there's mini-asplosions going on in my head.

After I get better, I'll probably look back on this post and cringe. But right now, I feel that it's something that I've got to put out there. And I'm so sick and so annoyed right now that not even cute pictures of kittens can save me now....

No... wait..... yeah, they can. :D

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