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Saturday, December 1, 2007

God Save the Interwebs

The Internet is a series of tubes, or so says a popular internet meme. But it really seems to have become more than that. I don't know anyone that doesn't come in contact with the Internet on a daily, or at least semi-daily, basis. Even my grandmum, who's fond of funny forwarded emails, is a frequent flyer on the Internet Airways. When people are asked what they cannot live without, Internet is pretty high on the list. Even during Hurricane Katrina, there were wistful conversations of cooked food, showers, favorite sitcoms and Internet.

Speaking of Katrina, I probably would have dealt with the whole situation better if I would have been able to see satellite images of the hurricane with huge macroed text personifying it by having it say something similar to: "I'm in your Gulf, rearranging your cities."

Granted, I did see these later on, but it wasn't the same.

Do we depend on Internet that much? Or is it just me?

Whether it's checking movie reviews and weather or researching cures for diseases, from mundane to serious, the Internet has become an integral of everyday functioning. If everything was to go belly up and the Internet was to be shut down for good, how many people would just atrophy away? How many riots would be going on in the streets? What in the world would we do? Are we that reliant?

I can see the headline now: "The Internet is Down; the End is Nigh."

There was an Internet outage campus wide awhile back and everyone suffered. Students weren't able to retrieve assignments left in their inboxes. Faculty weren't able to send out the aforementioned assignments. Getting the Student Printz (campus newspaper) together was a hassle. No serious (or otherwise) blogging could be done

Who else thinks that some sort of Internet generator should be made?

Much like generators of electricity, Internet generators would have an extra supply of Internet just waiting to get you through an Internet drought.

I should really market these. For she who controls the Internet, controls the world!

Besides, I have student loans to pay off and an Internet addiction to feed.

(This was an article I had written to turn in for Reporting class, I thought I would share some of my more interesting ones.)

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