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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Looking Peculiar in Piccadilly Circus

I have no idea what I was doing in this photo... listening for the train maybe?

This picture was taken by a fellow British Studies student of Maddie, Catherine and I on our way to get our official Harry Potter 7 books. We left the dormitories at around 8.30p and didn't get back until 3.30a. But it was all in good Potter Madness fun. Yeah, I realize it's blurry but it still brings back great memories.

So, I'm working on getting my own website that hosts my photography; kinda like a huge, online photo album. But since my web hosting, web page making, computer skills and such are lacking I have to resort to begging people who have such skills to help me out. Until I can get this site up, I'll just have to be happy with having a few photos up at DeviantArt (follow the link found in my 'linkies' section) Nothing new has been posted in a while due to lack of editing software and the extreme backlog that ensued because of it. I'll be working on that during my sabbatical in Jackson and other points outward. But it's going to take a while: I've got photos dating back to June of this year and 1500+ photos from England/France alone to work through.

I'm adding some give free food links to the 'linkies' section and posting them here as well:



Do your good deed of the day/week/month/year and give some people and pets some free food and care. :)

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