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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The drawing quest

I've come up with a way to try and get me to draw more; I wrote it up while taking a break at work:
Draw a character or person doing something from the list. You do not have to do these in order.

1. Full-body pose-front: this is everything on a person, so don't cut off feet, hands or hair.
2. Full-body pose-back: this is to get to know the person/chara that you're drawing.
After this point, you can draw at any length you want: full, bust, head... unless otherwise noted. Also, you don't have to keep drawing the same person/chara unless otherwise noted. Everything is left up to your interpretation.
3. Happy
4. Sad
5. Angry
6. Jumping
7. Running or walking
8. Fighting
9. Content
10. Dancing
11. Hugging another person/chara
12. Eating
13. Draw the same chara from 1 and 2 but, this time, draw them from a different universe or dimension. They could be the evil/good version of your chara or be part bat part person, anything.
14. In love
15. As an angel
16. As a devil
17. Moon
18. Sun
19. Needy
20. Vacation
21. Play
22. Wedding

I may come up with more soon.
I've decided to start 1 and 2 with my sage from Ragnarok Online. I'm going to try and do one/two a week.

All are encouraged to draw along and send a link to the drawing. All are also encouraged to suggest other instances too. Good luck!

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