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Monday, June 9, 2008

I require nutrients of the chocolate variety

New list:
Voices that grate on my nerves: Rachel Ray, Adam Sandler....
I added the ellipsis because I'm sure I'll continue to add to this list.

Movie news:
The title for Transformers 2 is: the Revenge of the Fallen... or Return of the Fallen..... one of those two. My brain seems to not be functioning under these terrible conditions i.e. I haven't eaten yet.

Currently raging over: (when am I now raging over something?)
Also currently raging over the big commencement hype going on. Where was my big to-do during my commencement? Granted, I graduated in December, but that shouldn't matter. Why didn't Mr. Colbert come to speak at my commencement?
He doesn't have to be frightened of my youthful vigor, it was stolen long ago and replaced by a constant shifting mood between childlike naivete and bitter cynicism.
But seriously, I have been raging over the lack of fall commencement coverage for a long time. Long before I graduated, but shortly after I learned that I would be graduating in a fall commencement. I noticed the diminished amount of grad-related things and increased amount of people asking me about my 'spring' graduation that didn't exist. RAAAAAGEEEE!

Also, tomatoes and salmonella. Why? Why? But more importantly, what? I don't really understand the whole tomatoes being able to have salmonella. I was able to understand that chicken can have salmonella because.... chicken is inherently evil and they ooze evil from their pores. But how does a tomato have it? Have the chicken been conversing when the tomatoes? Should we be worried about a Poultry/Produce vs Human war?

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