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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everybody loves a crazy girl...

... at least I hope so. Then there's hope for me yet.

So, it's been proven: Blackberry usage has increased surgery on thumbs.

Pure craziness.

I don't have a BlackBerry and I'm not sure I even want one. They're kinda cute and someone's likened them to portable laptops. O.o
Yeah, I know. Laptops are supposed to be portable. But truly, you can't cram a laptop in your pocket, but you can a BlackBerry.

But I digress, I think....

I enjoy technology. It entertains me, I thrive on it; but it also confuses me (not hard to do) and frustrates me.

I love emails. You've got friend in Europe and you live in the States? Phone bill's a bit high? Emails are the answer!

However, I'm not a big fan of texting. To be honest, I didn't make my first text until my junior year of university. I admit that they're convenient. You're on the other side of campus, there's a dinner party tonight and you want to invite a friend whose schedule is completely different from yours, so that you don't have a chance to see them until right before the party. Text them for a quick invite and answer.

Or, your bored at work and your friend texts you a joke, similar funny thing or a teeny ting chat that brightens your day.

Perfect, that usage of texting is fine.

However, ::insert dramatic music here:: I can't stand people having full conversations through text. It's pointless! It's a communication breakdown! Whatever happened to just talking to a person?

Look, if you want to carry a conversation with me, call me.

Besides, my brain does this thing were it inserts random things into what I'm reading and the context of the written conversation completely changes. I've gotten plenty of strange looks from this.

Quick little updates: I've added a link to a blog I frequent. I should really bulk up my linkie area. I'm just afraid of the monster I'd create. I'm also periodically reading over and adding to a few older posts that I thought needed some bulking up. (What's the the bulking?) I grew tired of limiting myself; worrying that "Oh noes! Someone might actually read this and get offended! Or worse, tell me I'm boring!"

Well, I'm currently over that. It's my blog. I'm going to do what I please.

Please don't hate me. (I'm ridiculous....)

Don't worry, this will still be worksafe..... mostly.

Still learning French: It's a slow process and I don't plan on getting really proficient with it. Just enough so that I can amuse myself and add even more pride to my extremely mixed heritage (more on that later.)

What am I currently doing? What I do best! Looking at pictures; this time it's pictures of pastries. Yum!

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