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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My unending fury; let me show you it

Visa, accepted everywhere….

…except Sam’s Club.

Nothing brings me more fury than something trying to come between me and some delicious croissants.

So, it’s been awhile and I have a few excuses to give:

Excuse #1:

My computer’s been sick. Poor little LancasterRose (yes, I name my inanimate objects) was sick. Vista’s being a bit of a bint.

Ironically enough, this happened shortly after I was making a big deal out of how Vista was causing no problems for me. Then a Vista update comes up that, after installing, promptly causes little LRose to vomit all over herself. I was in a complete uproar over the whole fiasco.

Calling for Bill Gate’s head was a few of the things that spewed forth from my angry head.

Using the internets was an impossibility, much less even getting LRose to turn on without crapping out shortly after that.

After a little finangling and threatening to downgrade to XP, I cured LRose…. mostly. There’s still a few hang-ups here and there and she occasionally gets a little sneezing fit now and then.

But I think we’ve got it under control.

Excuse #2:

Getting stuff published at work. That’s right! I finally got my name in print. I wrote an editorial column on language (which I will cross-post here as well) and now I’ve got the chance to have a semi-weekly personal column!

Actually, not completely weekly, but at least on a semi-standard basis–it all comes down to space constraints. The first of these personal columns will be coming out Thursday(which I will also post here.)

The countdown to my debut column begins!

Currently turning my fury towards Southern Living magazine. There’s an article online (possibly in their magazine too, I don’t know, I don’t read it) that I stumbled upon while surfing cnn.com. The article goes a little something like this (things added in bold were added for pure fury making pointing outing):

I love discovering a unique place to stay--an inn with character, heritage, all the modern amenities, and a restaurant that makes me smile. The South boasts lots of these jewels, and one of my favorites sits in the Brandywine Valley of Delaware, land of the Du Ponts--and those guys sure knew how to live.”

-- Wanda McKinney, www.southernliving.com.

Oi! Keep your filthy paws off my silky shores!! (ok, that didn’t make sense, but anyhow…)

A quick and never-fail way to piss me off and to make me RAGE is to put somewhere I love (Delaware, my homestate) in the same sentence with somewhere I hate (the south) and then try and say they are related.

And I’m not just saying this because of my hatred of the south, because there are a few nice things about the south: the few nice people I have met, Morgan Freeman, red beans and rice, the Aquarium of Americas….. ummm….

What I’m trying to say is that it’s just plain false – Delaware is many things, a Mid-Atlantic state, an East Coast state, a Middle state. One thing it isn’t is a southern state; the line stops with Virginia, people! – it’s also stupid. It’s right up there with saying, “Hey, let’s throw New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania in the south as well.”

Things I’m looking forward to:

Batman makes the list twice with Gotham Knight and the Dark Knight.

The Tracey Fragments – it sounds interesting and the cover of the DVD is pretty neat.

Carla Bruni’s new CD – I’m very interested in hearing music by the First Lady of France.

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