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Saturday, July 26, 2008


So, I had full intentions of going to New Orleans today; there's a Huey Lewis and the News free concert going on. But due to lack of funds, high gas prices and the fact that I haven't won the lottery, I'll just be sitting around here for the day.

Hell, I've got just $100 to my name for the next three weeks. At least, I've got groceries and entertainment. And the bills are paid off.

On an annoying note, I woke this morning, not to the sound of an alarm, not to the sound of a phone ringing, but to the sound of a basketball hitting the ground over and over again.
Extremely peeved, partially asleep, I glare out my window to see a man running up and down the parking lot in front of my window and my neighbor's window, dribbling a basketball.

It's 8.30 in the morning, and someone's playing basketball, in front of my window.

And I couldn't get back to sleep. I'm that kind of person, the kind that can't sleep once awakened. And I hate it.

I could have vaporized that man with my glare.

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