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Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, no excuses this time for not blogging... it just comes down to pure laziness. It's not as if I've had nothing to write about (because I have plenty), it's just..... I don't know, I can't describe it. Weekends have been a bit busy and after coming home from work, I usually make dinner and veg out in front of the TV, then hit bed.

Nothing special, nothing life threatening.

-- still currently want to kill upstairs neighbor for being a stompy, tripe-spewing waste of life.
-- got Twitter, but can't get the text message part to work.
-- finally got the 2-foot hole in my wall patched up, a slow process for the maintenance guys... my baseboard is still disconnected.
-- going to see the Dark Knight tomorrow morning
-- I occasionally play Secret of Solstice, a silly and cute little online gaming thing.
-- French still going slow, but well. Or, bon!

I have nothing particularly interesting to write about other than another rage item:
Seeing bad grammar in a professional setting.
I can understand an occasional slip up here and there and I expect to see them in blogs and random writings.
But sweet crustaceans! If you work for the New York Times or similar, I shouldn't see 'your' instead of 'you're' in your column or article. Nor should I see 'effect' versus 'affect' and the word 'business' or 'restaurant' misspelled. I especially shouldn't see them all in one column, together, near each other.

She wasn't quoting someone, she wasn't trying to be funny, she wasn't using funny Internet lingo.....
It was just bad! Where was spell check? Where was her AP style guide book?

Why can't I have her fun, cushy job? Seriously, I'm funny (to myself) and I have proper grammar skills when I need to use them.

I realize that this is silly behavior, but I can't help but spaz out and roll around on the floor of my mind in a crazy, rage-filled tantrum. Then I stop thinking this lest people near me realize what I'm doing and call up the people with the straightjackets.

I've noticed that I write about my little rage things a lot. This makes me wonder and worry.
Wonder: if everyone thinks I've got an anger problem; I don't.
Worry: that all this raging if going to give me a heart-attack, ulcer or similar.

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