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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fudgy goodness

I have completed my training at a neighboring branch in town, tomorrow will be my last day before I am unleashed upon the unsuspecting public.
To thank my mentoring branch, I am baking them Thank you brownies. This brownies are not much different from regular brownies... I just added cinnamon and agave nectar to them. Hopefully, I didn't add too much!

Those that follow my Twitter will see that I have bought a domain and have started on a personal portfolio web site.
I'm learning this as I go along, which means lots of blank stares and hair pulling. Thankfully, I bought the domain through Google, so there's support and help aplenty.
After I've populated the page with more art, I'll post the link so that you may enjoy.

And according to the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator, my Jersey Shore name is R-Pow.

Overall, things are looking up: gainful employment, new pet fish named Gregory, brownies, good friends, tasty holiday food and festivities shared with cats and family and tons of free episodes of House. Even the painful memories are no longer so fresh.

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EP said...

Let me know if you need any help with the domain! It's such an exciting thing to have!

YAY for the new job! And for the Christmas season! And for YOU, my friend!

Also? My Jersey Shore nickname is E-Scream. ... I have no words.