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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me, I play Rose

My heart has been pretty light as of late and there are many things to thank for it.
But for now, I thank Brigitte Bardot for Moi je joue. I believe her light and happy song, especially the lyrics, pretty much sums up how I currently feel.

Lyric credits go to http://lyricstranslate.com

Moi je joue

Moi je joue
Moi je joue a joue contre joue
Je veux jouer a joue contre vous
Mais vous, le voulez-vous?
De tout coeur
Je veux gagner ce coeur a coeur
Vous connaissez mon jeu par coeur
Alors defendez-vous
Sans tricher, je vous le promets
J'ai gagne, tant pis c'est bien fait
Vous etes mon jouet
A present, ce ne sera plus vous mais toi
Et tu feras ca t'apprendra
N'importe quoi pour moi
Sans m'en faire, je vais t'assurer
Un enfer de griffes et de crocs
Tu crieras bientot "Au secours"
Alors decidant de ton sort
Pour m'eviter quelques remords
Je t'aimerai plus fort
Oh oui plus fort
Oh oui oui oui, plus fort
Oh la la...

Me I play

Me I play ,
Me I play cheek-to-cheek
I want to play taking aim at you
But you , do you want it ?
From all my heart
I want to win at this heart-to-heart
You know my game by heart
So defend yourself
Without cheating , I swear it to you
I won , too bad , you were asking for it
Sir , you are my toy
Now , it's no longer " Sir " but just " you "
& You will do , you were asking for it
Anything for me
Without worrying , I will assure you
A hell made of claws & fangs
You will soon yell " Help "
So , picking your lot
In order to avoid some remorses
I will love you even more
Ow yes , even more
Ow yes yes yes , even more
Oh la la ..

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