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Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to CrazyTown....

.....population: me. In fact, I am the queen.

So, it took a little bit to get used to my new routine of work and sleep and...... work and sleep. It's a bit weird, universities have started classes today and I'm not part of it. No rushing to class, no remembering schedules, no buying books. It's really weird.

Saw Sweeney Todd Friday; was quite interesting. There were three other people in the theatre with us; one of them was a guy who has seen the Broadway show a couple of times. He really enjoyed it. It was definitely dark and full of aerosol blood. There was blood spray everywhere; I instinctively ducked to the side sometimes.

The movie also caused a taste for meat pies. In fact, I believe meat pies are for lunch today...... excluding the whole cutting up and grinding down people bit. Which is a bit of a shame really.

So, there's been some prescreenings of Cloverfield and I've been avoiding most of the movie forums that I normally frequent. I want to wait to see the monster for myself and there's a few people out there that don't understand how to hide spoilers. Besides, I'm not sure that I have the self-control to stop myself from looking at the spoilers as well.

I've got some interesting stories from work to share, but I'm saving them for next time. As well as my thoughts on Portal (a super fantabulous game) :D

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