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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cadbury Eggs for all, and all for me!

Well, it's Easter yet again.... nearly the anniversary of this blog. Huzzah!
Well, it's a holiday anniversary, since this started on Easter. But Easter was in April last year.
Anywho, here's an appropriate Easter picture for the occasion.

So, there's a new Street Fighter movie in the works, and I can't say I'm pleased about this.

I never watched the first one, I simply refused to, however much I liked Raul Julia. It just looked way too ridiculous. And now this: the Legend of Chun Li. The movie follows Chun Li's story: her dad's death, job at Interpol, stuff as such....
Casting as follows:
Neal McDonough = M Bison ...... certainly no Raul Julia :(
Michael Clarke Duncan =Balrog ...... I'm actually pleased about this, he's got the look
Kristen Kreuk = Chun Li ..... what?

Sure... with enough makeup she could look Asian... but why is it so hard to hire an Asian girl to play an Asian part?
I don't know.... and honestly, I don't care. I don't plan on watching this movie either.

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