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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some Deep Thoughts for Your Consideration

Current Movie Recommendations:
88 Minutes : it has Al Pacino looking freaked out with a side of forensic science
the Bank Job : it has Jason Statham and explosions... yum!
the Other Boleyn Girl : it has Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn; I love Tudor period anythings
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day : someone gets punched... fun!

Things that I find weird:
People who actually say 'LOL' outloud. I don't mind if you write it. That's cool... but then you actually say it and I'm just.... *sigh*

Things that make me smile:
kittens, flowers, books, video games, crabs, jellyfish,shiny things, things with big eyes

Things that bother me:
spiders, Veggie Tales, Lucky Star only having a Region 2 release, bad remakes, chicken on the bone, bridges, being hungry

So, currently pursuing a job at a newspaper. I suppose I should do something with my Journalism degree, hah! While the job I'm currently trying for is an entry level position and is a $1.50 cut in current pay, it would be a job I could proudly say that I work in.... rather than "Hi, I'm Rose. I'm a book store manager." :/ And while it's entry level, I could quickly be promoted to a not-entry position and get paid a million dollars a year..... well, perhaps not a whole million.

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