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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ooof... it's certainly been a bit. While I bring you up to speed on what's currently going on, here are some things that I am currently adoring and simply must have!

How adorable is this shirt from ModCloth? Incredibly!
A fat cat in a tea cup sailing through the sea; that fits my attire to a T, thank you very much!

Continuing with the ModCloth love... how cute is this little rack?
Something about it screams cute little French apartment.

So, I've been doing that whole "analyzing my life" thing and it wasn't coming out pretty. Despite the fact that there are plans in place for better things to come, I can't help but mire in the current state of my life. I've been having a big pity party is what it comes down to.
Pretty pitiful, I know.

However, there are many things that have been perking me up:
Visiting with my brother, whom I haven't seen in about two years. He's been stationed in Japan!
Playing online games with friends. (such a nerd, I know!)

Cute videos like this help too:

I love it! The cat's all like, "Excuse me... wtf are you doin'? That's MY watermelon!"

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