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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Horror with a heart

I'm apparently on a 'horror with a heart' kick as I'm reviewing another heartbreaking horror movie.
This time, it's the South Korean psycho-thriller Acacia.

Never come between a boy and his tree... errr... mom... er... whatever...

Acacia is another movie that struck me as a work of art. The colors, cinematography and thick emotions attracted me from the start.

The movie begins innocuous enough: Mi-sook and Do-il cannot have children, so they decide to adopt cute and quiet Jin-seong.
And things are going pretty well, Jin-seong meets the girl next door and befriends the tree in the backyard.
But soon, strange occurrences start popping up and you question what exactly is going on.

My advice: beware of red, woolen yarn!
I highly recommend this beautiful movie.

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