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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


To catch everyone up: My transfer came through and I've relocated.
Monday was my first day at my new job. Looking for a faster, more efficient way to get there, I took my dad's advice of a short cut.

My Tuesday morning went a bit like this:

Dad: Try this short cut to work. I bet it'll cut down on time. --insert directions here--

Me: - ten minutes after leaving the house - Wow! This is faster! :)

Me: - ten minutes after that - Hey, it's kinda pretty out here. ...wait a minute... is that a cow?

Me: - fifteen minutes after that -  Aaaahhh gaaaaaawd! Is that the same cow? Where am I?!?

Turns out I took a left instead of a right.
I took my dad's route again this morning. Turning right this time and got to work in record time!

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