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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Man crush

I feel like a little schoolgirl and that's ok.
I have a man crush. And you know what? That's ok, too.

Having an imaginary boyfriend is pretty fun:
- They rarely argue with you
- They don't care that you haven't shaved your legs since September
- Your morning breath doesn't turn them off
- They always want to know how your day went and listen intently while you vent

Right now, with things being turned upside down with preparing to move, fiddling with schooling and career plans... perhaps I'm not in the perfect place, mentally, for a REAL relationship.

So, want to know how we met?
His new song was the first one I heard this year! Isn't that cute?

Well, hey there, Enrique!

Aww... he's a bit shy. But here's his new song, "I like it," which, ironically enough, I like very much!

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