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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work log 62711

Random thing I started writing the other day. It's written in third-person, which makes me giggle.

Rose woke up before her alarm, with Murmur greeting her as soon as she sat up.
She checked her messages and teased a friend about how he wasn't "THAT stupid."
Rose's mom made her special crispy waffles which Rose gobbled up. She had a small teacup of coffee that had a splash of chocolate in it.
She was disappointed that Homestuck wasn't updated but anticipated exiting ones to come. She felt too lazy to take a shower, so she picked out a red wrap shirt and grey trousers to wear.
Rose fed the cats, ran her hands through her hair, made sure she put on deodorant and dashed out the door.

Every morning at the job she despises (due to boredom, lack of creativity and general annoyances) starts out pretty much the same. Some inane passive-aggressive comment is made and she does her best to ignore it. Between intermittent customers, she stares outside, spacing out while listening to birdsong and doodling. In particular, she worked on a picture of Jacob kayaking, which is hilarious to her because she describes him as, "that 40-foot-tall guy." She also worked on a tattoo she's designing to go on her left wrist.
She scolds herself on the sheer amount of clothes she has that she doesn't wear.
Before lunches begin, she asks her supervisor if she can switch hours because she has a migraine. Her supervisor thinking it'll be busy, so she has to stay. During her lunch, she eats of cucumber sandwich and popcorn and downloads some game to her phone, half of which she gets bored of and deletes.
Back from lunch, her migraine lessens in pain but begins to affect her speech and reactions: math comes quicker, but conversation that requires her to think slows. She feels her expressions look nearly drunk and words are slurred. She doesn't feel as passionate about things as she normally does... perhaps migraines release her inner Gamzee (to use fangirl terminology) but in reverse.
One of Rose's coworkers laughs at something she says.
Rose's response was, "If you thought that was funny, just wait. The more this migraine continues, the more weird it's going to get."
Her bad hearing gets even worse and so does her hunger.
A gentleman came in wearing an ivory straw hat and bright pink suit. His reasoning was, "You gotta look good when you come [into the bank] to get money."
At Rose's work, aerosol dust cleaners are frowned upon because various people have allergies or respiratory infections. Rose wishes that rudeness was frowned upon because she has an allergy to assholes.

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