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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Like from a cookbook

The first picture on this page over at New York is actually pleasant looking until you realize what you're looking at. What I thought was a harmless head of cabbage is actually a placenta.

At one point in the article, a professional placenta preparer says, "It's the freshest placenta I've ever worked with!"

Horrified, yet fascinated, I continued reading and found this nugget:

"I was prepared to wrestle it from the nurse's hands."

Apparently, you get a rush from all the nutrients and everything else that feeds the baby while it hangs out in your abdomen.
It's a strange thing to me, but it's another one of those that comes down to it being the choice of the people involved. However, I believe I'll have my next meal sans placenta, please.
(Come on now, did you expect anything else from the girl that's extremely wary of the idea of being pregnant.)

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Erin said...

My sister and I were actually talking about this the other day because one of her friends mentioned keeping her placenta. We were both freaked out by the idea, but to each his own. And now I'm reading the article and sending it to her..

But I agree. I thought the photo was of a cabbage, too. Le sigh.