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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on American Horror Story epi 10

Typing this while I'm watching, so it's going to be very stream of conscious-y.

Holy crap, Tate!
I'd be pissed if someone was serving greens and cornbread for dinner, but that's no excuse for breaking the dishes! ...just makes a mess.

Drugs... really?

That's a nice coat. Wait.. what are you... STOP DROP AND ROLLLLLL

Do institution rooms really look like that? Thankfully, I've never been in one.
But...really? Can't be. Am sure that's done for looks and creep factor.

That's some pretty low blows there, Constance.

Oh Tate, you seducer, you.

ewwww... flies

Damn, Constance keeps bringing on them low blows. "...courseness.."
Oh no... no, you didn't. 'sup, puppies...

Ouch! Really, Tate! Was that necessary?!
Granted... I'd be a little offended if the pest guy was terrified of me... actually, what was he freaked out over?!?!?!

So... anyone else think Tate looks nice all wrapped up in that suit?

Awww, Travis is sweet with the OH MY GOD
ow ow ow ow ow that's just
This isn't... ok, it's rude but, I'm all itchy just looking at them.

Little diluted there, Barry?

Ben, the zipper! Zipper!
ouch... was that marble?

That lawyer guy's cute. He can buy me Starbucks anytime. well.. maybe not at night. You know what I mean.

.like Romeo and Juliet.. wut
whoa whoa whoa... wut

"Why am I running around like a crazy person?" -- I ask myself this everyday, Violet.

oh gross, Violet! Close your mouth... flies will get in.. NEVERMIND

ok, Barry. Sometimes, I have a hard time disconnecting you from your True Blood character. And right now... I'm thinking you're up to some vampire tricks...
or not. You're being all "paying for my crimes."

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