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Monday, November 24, 2008

Growing old fast

Just received a spam-worthy e-mail with the title of: Over 40 dating.
Really? Is that acceptable? Am I considered over the hill?
I'm only 27!

Signs I'm getting old:
Grey... err..... blonde hairs.
Feeling stiff after sitting in the same position for a while.
Dislike of loud, disobedient children.
High appreciation for sale/bulk items.

Though some of these can be explained away:
Grey/blonde hairs are not only a sign of age, but a sign of stress. As I'm on meds for stress/anxiety, the hairs could be considered a sign of extreme and/or long-lasting stress versus a sign of age.

Dislike of loud, disobedient children..... I've disliked these since I was old enough to remember. So, not so much a sign of age, as much as it's an early sign that this chick is going to be a cat lady when she gets older. (I've already got two cats!)

High appreciation for sale/bulk items. With our economy, I think everyone's got the same appreciation.

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